November 10, 2019

*People are Smoking Cigarettes Again Amid Vaping-Related Panic:

In the span of a couple months, smokers have begun to think of cigarettes not as “cancer sticks” — but a safer choice for a fix than vapes, users say. The dramatic shift comes as vaping-related illnesses have exploded to become one of the biggest public health concerns of the year. The death toll from vapes has reached 34, and hundreds more have faced life-threatening sicknesses. This means that, astonishingly, fears over e-cigs have converted vapers such as 20-year-old Delilah Cravens back to cigarettes, even though the risks remain deadly. “Within the people I hang out with, there was a point where most of us were Juuling, and now most of us are back to cigarettes,” the Kenyon College junior says.

With vapes, it can sometimes seem like potential new risks arise daily, users say. Now, cigarettes are feeling like a less-chaotic evil, especially as people realize how little has been done to study the new devices over the long term. Nielsen reports the long-term decline in cigarette sales was moderated somewhat this September, at the same time as e-cigarettes’ growth rate slowed, Bloomberg reports. “Cigarettes are bad for you, but you’re aware of the extent of the risk you’re imposing on yourself,” says Cravens, who switched from cigarettes to Juul last year, but is now back to smoking.

 *Kanye West Urges Black Americans not to ‘Vote Democrat’: 

Kanye brought his Wild West show to town, appearing at high-minded events by WSJ. Magazine and Fast Company, throwing a spontaneous party, saying he’ll run for office in 2024 and launching a shoe made of algae — within hours. On Wednesday, West and wife Kim Kardashian honored designer Riccardo Tisci at the WSJ. Innovator Awards. West then hosted his own starry bash at a Burberry store after he’d spontaneously hatched the idea at 4 p.m., we hear, to unveil a video for his tune “Follow God.” Thursday, at about 10:30 a.m., organizers of the Fast Company Innovation Festival got word that West was confirmed to appear at a 12:45 p.m. talk with writer Mark Wilson and Yeezy shoe designer Steven Smith. During the all-over-the-place, near-40-minute session, Trump supporter West advised black Americans: “Own your power. Your power is not to just vote Democrat for the rest of our lives. That’s not the power.”

 *Inferiority Complex: 8 In 10 Millennials Believe They Aren’t ‘Good Enough’:

It feels like everyday there is another article published blaming millennials for this or that. A certain industry is in decline? Millennials must be involved. Not enough money being generated in certain sectors? Those stingy millennials are spending too much money on avocado toast again. Fair or not, young adults of this day and age have become a scapegoat of sorts for a myriad of societal problems and changes. What seems to be lost in this conversation is the effect all of this is having on many millennials’ mental health and self-confidence.

Now, a new survey consisting of 2,000 millennials (ages 22-38) has revealed some troubling statistics regarding how young adults see themselves in comparison to both their peers and older generations. An astounding eight in 10 flat out believe they are not “good enough” in virtually all areas of their lives. Furthermore, three quarters of the survey’s respondents admit that they constantly feel “overwhelmed” by pressure to succeed in their careers, find a meaningful romantic relationship, and meet others’ expectations.

Another seven in 10 millennials say that daily chores like going to the gym regularly, maintaining a presence on social media, and making enough money are among the top reasons why they feel overwhelmed from time to time. In all, 80% of respondents even say these worries have negatively impacted their sleep and 79% admit that their overall mental health has suffered. The survey, commissioned by plant-based food producer Alpro, found that the average millennial feels inadequate roughly 130 times per year.

 *Get Woke, Go Broke: ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ Bombs At The Box Office:

The still yet to be disproven axiom “get woke, go broke” chalked up another win for itself this weekend with the underwhelming box office performance of the ultra-feminist “Terminator: Dark Fate.” Despite the return of producer James Cameron and the reunion of Linda Hamilton and Arnold SchwarzeneggerForbes reports that the sci-fi action sequel pulled in a horrific $10.6 million on Friday and was tracking for a lousy $27 million opening weekend on an inflated budget of $185 million (not including another $100 million in marketing costs). That makes it the lowest profiting “Terminator” in the franchise’s history. The sci-fi sequel … was the third attempt to revive the Terminator series in a decade.

McG’s Terminator: Salvation, a future war sequel starring Christian Bale, earned just $125 million domestic and $375 million on a $200 million budget. Alan Taylor’s Terminator: Genisys, a time-twisting retcon that paired Schwarzenegger with Emilia Clarke and Jai Courtney, earned $89 million domestic and $441 million worldwide on a $155 million budget, including $113 million in China. So, how did this happen? How could one of the most beloved sci-fi action franchises in movie history become such a flop? According to Society Reviews, “Terminator: Dark Fate” flips everything people loved about Sarah Connor’s story on its head in the name of third-wave feminism, rendering the events of T1 and T2 meaningless:

 *WHERE DOES THIS END? – Transgender Activist Loses Cases Against Female Estheticians Who Refused To Wax Male Genitals:

Transgender activist Jessica Yaniv, a biological male who identifies as a female, filed at least 15 human rights complaints against female estheticians in Canada for refusing to wax his male genitals. On Tuesday, the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, which is representing five of the women being targeted by Yaniv, announced that the activist’s cases against their clients have been tossed by the BC Human Rights Tribunal. Moreover, Yaniv will be forced to pay $2,000 each to at least three of the women.

“The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) is pleased to announce that the BC Human Rights Tribunal has ruled in favour of home estheticians’ right to refuse to handle male genitalia against their will,” a press release from JCCF said, as highlighted by The Post Millennial. According to the group, the tribunal’s decision said that “human rights legislation does not require a service provider to wax a type of genitals they are not trained for and have not consented to wax.” Moreover, it was noted that Yaniv “engaged in improper conduct” and “filed complaints for improper purposes.” The activist’s testimony, according to the ruling, was “disingenuous and self-serving,” and Yaniv was “evasive and argumentative and contradicted herself.”

 *Drug Flows Increasing at SW Border, DHS Official Says; Fentanyl Seizures Up 20%, Meth Up 200%:

On Tuesday, as the nation learned about the murders of nine American women and children at the hands of Mexican drug cartels, the Senate Homeland Security Committee held a hearing on threats to the homeland, including some that emanate from MexicoSen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) noted that the apprehension of illegal immigrants crossing the Southwest Border has declined somewhat from earlier highs, but the drug flow has not slowed.

“We have seen it increase,” David Glawe, the chief intelligence officer and under secretary at the Department of Homeland Security told Portman. Just to give you the numbers from 2017 to 2019, so you know what we are dealing with on the narcotic flows, we have seen a 40-percent increase in cocaine from seizures at the Southwest border. We have seen a 20-percent increase in fentanyl. We have seen a 30-percent increase in heroin, and to your point, we have seen a 20-percent increase in methamphetamine — and that is in addition to the emergency on the border we had with the migrant flows… So we have a crisis at the Southwest border and it is all based on moving people and goods illicitly across the border. And that’s what it is about, cartels are about moving goods and people across the Southwest border.

 *Whimpering Dog Makes Humans Feel As Sad As Sound Of Crying Baby:

A whimpering dog begging for table scraps or a content cat purring away are familiar scenes for pet owners, and most of the time they know exactly what their pets are trying to tell them. The bond between human and pet is a strong one, and now a new study conducted in Denmark concludes that pet owners develop a special sensitivity to all dogs’ and cats’ whines, whimpers, barks, and meows. According to the study, based out of Aarhus University, dogs are more effective at conveying distress and negative emotion in their sounds than cats. Furthermore, dog and cat owners even rated the sound of a whimpering dog to be just as sad or emotionally compelling as a crying human baby.


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A young Osama Bin Laden with his family on a trip to Sweden, 1971. It’s hard to believe it but that smiling boy that’s the second from the right is one of the worst terrorists that the world has ever known. When this photo was taken in 1971, 23 members of the incredibly wealthy Bin Laden family visited Falun, Sweden, to sight-see while his one of the oldest brothers entered into business talks with Volvo. At the time Bin laden was only 16-years-old and he didn’t really speak up, The Guardian reports that he was remembered as being reserved on the trip. In an interview with the same site his mother noted that he was a very good kid with a lot of love to give.


Welcome to Episode #3 of the “Best of Without Notes,” with Robert Shapiro, acclaimed attorney  – Episode 1:


Major General Craig B. Whelden, Established Author, Speaks on “Memento Mori” in the Modern World

As the story goes, a Roman General was returning from a victorious battle. Behind him on his chariot was his slave. As they entered the gates of Rome—among the adulation of the adoring citizens—his slave leaned forward and whispered into his ear, “Memento Mori” or in Latin, “Remember, you are mortal.”

General John Kelly’s recent revelation that as he left the Trump Administration, he advised the President “not to backfill him with a ‘Yes Man’ or risk impeachment” is testament to the frailties of power when surrounding yourself with people who will not tell you the truth. Nobody is there to tell the Emperor he is naked.

Any institution – governmental or otherwise – risks the abuse of power when a leader becomes swept up in his own self-admiration and no one around him will tell him the truth. We have seen ample evidence of this in the #MeToo movement and, it has—sadly—occasionally been an issue with senior leaders in the U.S. military, notwithstanding the high regard of the American public.


Recording artist Ke$ha along with 12 members of the White House staff, 3 Nobel Prize winners, over 100 Academy Award winners, 6 U.S. Senators, and over 300 Grammy Award winners.

 In Mexico, all the legs of the stool are cracked. Prisons are out of control. Municipal authorities cower before the cartels. The “impunity rate” — that is, the likelihood that crimes will not be punished — is just shy of 99 percent. This is not business as usual for Mexico. Either the country is going to get a grip on its crisis of institutions and its deficits in leadership or it is going to increasingly resemble Iraq before the surge, albeit with drug money taking the place of religious fanaticism.


November 3, 2019

*SHOCK! – Record 67.3 Million Speak Foreign Language at Home, Over 50% in 90 Big Cities, 59% in Los Angeles:

A record 67.3 million U.S. residents speak a foreign language at home, the latest sign of the growing influence of immigrants on American culture. Census Bureau data shows that homes that do not speak English first grew seven times faster than those that do. The data, analyzed by the Center for Immigration Studies, found that in the top five American cities, an average of 48% speak a foreign language at home, mostly Spanish or Chinese. And in 90 major cities, more than half speak a non-English language at home.

The analysis said, “The Center for Immigration Studies finds that 67.3 million residents in the United States now speak a language other than English at home, a number equal to the entire population of France. The number has nearly tripled since 1980, and more than doubled since 1990. The growth at the state level is even more pronounced. All language figures in Census Bureau data are for persons five years of age and older.”

Key highlights from the newly-released analysis:

•    In America’s five largest cities, just under half (48%) of residents now speak a language other than English at home. In New York City, it is 49%; in Los Angeles, it is 59%; in Chicago, it is 36%; in Houston, it is 50%; and in Phoenix, it is 38%.

•    21.9% of U.S. residents speak a foreign language at home — more than double the 11% in 1980.

•    Languages with more than a million people who speak it at home in 2018 were Spanish (41.5 million), Chinese (3.5 million), Tagalog (1.8 million), Vietnamese (1.5 million), Arabic (1.3 million), French (1.2 million), and Korean (1.1 million).

•    There are now more people who speak Spanish at home in the United States than in any country in Latin America, with the exception of MexicoColombia, and Argentina.

*P.C. MADNESS ALERT! – POLL: Majority of Students Want PUNISHMENT for ‘Offensive’ Costumes:

More than half of American university students support punishment for their peers who wear “highly offensive” Halloween costumes. A recent poll by The College Pulse found that more than half of students do not believe that dressing in “offensive” costumes is protected free expression and support the notion that those who partake in such costumes should “be punished.” “highly offensive”.  The survey was conducted by asking 1,501 university students several questions regarding current events and societal norms, including “Are highly offensive Halloween costumes (such as blackface) a protected form of free speech on campus, or should students who wear them be punished?”

A majority of students — 51 percent — indicated that students who wore such costumes should “be punished,” while 49 percent said that “highly offensive” costumes are “a protected form of free speech.” The number of students saying others should be punished for “offensive” Halloween costumes is even higher at elite universities, with 58 percent of Ivy League students saying that wearing “offensive” costumes should have consequences. California students are on high alert when it comes to insensitive Halloween costumes, with three out of five students within the California State University system in favor of punishment for “offensive” costumes. The poll comes just days after a separate poll found that a majority of U.S. young adults believe that “hate speech” should not be protected under the First Amendment, with 47 percent of those between the ages of 18 and 34 saying that jail time would be an appropriate punishment for those who use such speech.

 *Poll: Americans Are Split About Whether They’re Ready for a Gay President:

Just half of American poll respondents said they are ready to have a gay president, according to a new survey from Politico and Morning Consult. The numbers show that 37 percent said they were either definitely or probably not ready to have a gay commander in chief. Voters also seem to be pessimistic about whether they think the country as a whole would accept having a gay president—40 percent said they thought the country was ready, but 44 percent said it is not. Pete Buttigieg, the only openly gay candidate in the race, could suffer from the attitudes exposed by the polling.

Tyler SinclairMorning Consult’s vice president, said Buttigieg’s sexuality “may be an issue for some voters as he remains in contention for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination.” Sinclair said 58 percent of Republicans and 22 percent of Democrats who responded to the poll said they weren’t personally ready to have a gay or lesbian president.

 *FAILING! – Across the Board, Scores Drop in Math and Reading for U.S. Students:

Math and reading scores for fourth- and eighth-graders in the United States dropped since 2017, and the decrease in reading achievement has government researchers particularly concerned. “Over the past decade, there has been no progress in either mathematics or reading performance, and the lowest performing students are doing worse,” Peggy Carr, associate commissioner of the National Center for Education Statistics, said during a press call Tuesday. The 2019 National Assessment of Education Progress, also called NAEP or the Nation’s Report Card, was administered to more than 600,000 students enrolled in public schools and Catholic schools from every state and Washington, D.C., and also includes a break-out of student achievement in 27 large urban school districts.

Most notable were the score drops in reading, which occurred in 17 states with regard to fourth grade reading scores and in 31 states for eighth grade reading scores. On average, reading scores declined for fourth graders by 1 point and for eighth graders by 3 points compared to 2017. “A 3-point decline for the country is substantial in as much as 31 states are driving it, large states, small states – and it’s a very meaningful decline,” Carr said. The declines in reading at both grades were also seen at all levels of achievement, whether students were high- or low-achieving, with the exception of the highest achieving fourth graders. “Over the long term in reading, the lowest performing students – those readers who struggle the most – have made no progress from the first NAEP administration almost 30 years ago,” she said.

 *Witches Cast Spell to ‘Bind’
President Trump:

On Friday, Oct. 25, witches performed a “binding spell” ceremony to stifle the Trump administration and prevent the president from harming the country, according to the Daily Caller. The witches, under the banner “The Magic Resistance,” have performed this occult ceremony every year since 2017. Some of the components needed to participate in the spell are an “unflattering picture of Donald Trump,” a candle, a Tarot card, a feather, and a pin. It is supposed to be performed every waning crescent moon “until Trump is out of office.” Michael Hughes, the creator of the occult ritual, describes himself as a “magical thinker and activist” and says the ritual is working, the Washington Examiner.

“Knowing thousands of people are gathering together at the same time from all over the world to do this ritual and to put our beliefs and our desires into sharp focus, and to do that ritualistically, I think that has a really powerful effect,” Hughes told The Examiner. Hughes has also published a book called Magic for Resistance: Rituals and Spells for Change, which, he said, “has been making the rounds in a number of magical groups both secretive and public.”

 *Oxford University Student Council Bans Clapping Over Fears It May Trigger Anxiety:

Oxford University’s student union has instituted an unofficial ban on clapping during student functions over fears the loud noise may trigger anxiety and the rapid hand movements and noise could alienate students who are unable or unwilling to clap. Students and faculty are instead being encouraged to use “jazz hands” and other silent means of assent, and to explore using alternatives to clapping for meetings and gatherings. The edict came from Oxford’s Student Union, which claims to be leading the way to a more “inclusive” environment at the thousand-year-old institute of higher learning in Britain. “The first Student Council meeting of the academic year, yesterday, passed the motion to mandate the Sabbatical Officers to encourage the use of British Sign Language (BSL) clapping, otherwise known as ‘silent jazz hands’ at Student Council meetings and other official SU events,” a statement from the Oxford Student Council read.

They continued, “BSL clapping is used by the National Union of Students since loud noises, including whooping and traditional applause, are argued to present an access issue for some disabled students who have anxiety disorders, sensory sensitivity, and/or those who use hearing impairment aids.” The statement briefly mentions that the New York Times believes “snapping is the new clapping,” but it seems the Oxford Student Union passed on the opportunity to incorporate snapping fingers as one of its alternative motions of assent, possibly because snapping fingers might also be triggering to or exclusive of some students. The statement concludes with an action statement, mandating that Student Council members use “jazz hands” in official meetings and at events, and encouraging Student Union officers to press Oxford University to adopt the “inclusive” jazz hands policy across the board: “As well as mandating the Sabbatical Officers to encourage the use of jazz hands at Student Council, the motion also mandates Sabbatical Officers to ‘lobby the University’ to use jazz hands in place of applause at University and college level events, with an explanation of why the change is important.”

As the Washington Examiner points out, Oxford University has been in operation since the 1050s, and is one of the oldest and most storied institutions of higher learning in the world. However, its centuries long record of scholarly pursuits and rigorous intellectualism was no match for trendy social justice warrior-ism. Oxford is the second such university in the UK to adopt the “ban” on applause; the other, Manchester University, passed a similar rule last year. The Oxford Student Union makes clear, in their statement, that they were inspired by Manchester’s courageous students. Unfortunately for both Oxford and Manchester, their proposed “jazz hands” alternative to clapping may not be the clean, social justice option they believe it to be. None other than UK television presented Piers Morgan weighed in on Twitter, pointing out that “jazz hands” appears to be a racially charged term and that a solely visual means of declaring assent excludes the blind and disabled — and also that the Oxford Student Union is a bunch of “imbeciles.”


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According to Popular Mechanics, sitting in the tail of an airplane improves chances of accident survival by 40%.


I am a formally trained journalist who started with a CBS news affiliate and CBS NY syndicate. As early as the late 70s I was not allowed to take controversial stories exposing the truth to our audience, as it conflicted with management politics. Sadly, I still see truth in journalism being swapped for ratings and political propaganda fulfillment by “entertainment” corporations masquerading as “news” entities. Since its inception, I have been a faithful LBN Examiner reader. If you want fair/balanced reporting, you should be reading LBN Examiner weekly.  ———— Fayr


What’s still left for Al Pacino to accomplish? “I want to play George Washington. I do, by the way.” – Al Pacino


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October 27, 2019

*Poll: Nearly a Third of Jews Avoid Identifying Themselves as Jewish Publicly:

Nearly a third of Jewish Americans say they have hidden their religious identity or avoided carrying items that would identify oneself as Jewish in public due to threats of anti-Semitism, according to a poll released Wednesday. A study by the American Jewish Coalition found that 31 percent of the respondents said they had “avoided publicly wearing, carrying, or displaying things that might help people identify [them] as a Jew.  Twenty-five percent of those surveyed also told pollsters that they at least sometimes “avoid certain places, events, or situations out of concern for [their] safety or comfort as a Jew.”

The survey’s results come as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) says the rate of anti-Semitic incidents has doubled in the U.S. since 2015. There continues to be “an alarmingly high number of anti-Semitic acts,” ADL National Director Jonathan Greenblatt said in April. “We’ve worked hard to push back against anti-Semitism, and succeeded in improving hate crime laws, and yet we continue to experience an alarmingly high number of anti-Semitic acts,” Greenblatt said at the time.

 *Digital Streams of Michael Jackson Music up Despite Damaging HBO Documentary: Report:

Digital platforms saw an uptick in users listening to Michael Jackson’s music amid renewed interest in child sex abuse charges made against the late singer, a report showed. Music industry magazine Billboard identified the increase while analyzing data from before and after the release of “Leaving Neverland,” a documentary about two men who allege they were abused by Jackson when they were children. The number of on-demand listens garnered by Jackson’s catalog on streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music increased by 22.1% in the 31 weeks following the film’s release in March by HBO, slightly outpacing the 21.8% growth experienced by the streaming industry as a whole, Billboard reported.

Radio stations played Jackson’s music 32.1% less following the film’s release, meanwhile, according to the magazine. An analysis of Nielsen Music data suggested Jackson’s songs were played an average of 14,000 per week on radio in the month before HBO first aired the movie, while stations have played his music roughly 11,000 times weekly in the months since, the report said. Jackson died in 2009 at the age of 50. Allegations of child molestation had dogged him since the early 1990s, though the release of “Leaving Neverland” called graphic attention to the claims and put the future of his posthumous career in question.

 *P.C. ALERT – Always Caves to Pressure from Transgenders, Drops Feminine Packaging on Sanitary Napkins:

Always has decided to drop the Venus gender symbol from the packaging of its feminine products to accommodate transgender people. Beginning in December, the Venus symbol will no longer be included on the packaging of its sanitary products. The decision was made after transgender activists Ben Saunders and Melly Bloom contacted the company to complain. “Could someone from Always tell me why it is imperative to have the female symbol on their sanitary products? ‘There are non-binary and trans folks who still need to use your products too you know!” transgender activist Melly Bloom tweeted.

‘We listened to you and our marketing team worked a solution. We are glad to inform you that as of December we will use a wrapper design without the feminine symbol,” Always responded. Proctor & Gamble, which owns Always, told Metro UK that it will continue to champion girls and women but are “committed to diversity and inclusion, and after hearing from many people across genders and age groups, we realised that not everyone who has a period and needs to use a pad identifies as female.”

“To ensure that anyone who needs to use a period product feels comfortable in doing so with Always, we updated our pad wrapper design. Our mission remains to ensure no girl loses confidence at puberty because of her gender or period and we do this through our puberty education programs, by providing access to period products with programs such as #EndPeriodPoverty, and by using our brand voice to tackle societal barriers and stigmas like we did with #LikeAGirl,” Proctor & Gamble added. 

 *WOW! – $3.22 Trillion: Federal Programs That ‘Transfer Income’ Projected to Hit Record in FY20:

Federal spending programs that are “designed to transfer income … to individuals or families” are set to hit a record $3,223,943,000,000 in fiscal 2020, according to projections published by the Office of Management and Budget. These so-called “payments for individuals” (as the OMB calls them) are projected to account for 67.9% of all federal spending this fiscal year and consume 14.4% of the nation’s gross domestic product. In its Historical Table 6.1, Composition of Outlays, the OMB reports the annual amounts spent on “payments for individuals” going back to fiscal 1940 in both current year and constant fiscal 2012 dollars. In the same table, it published its estimated totals for fiscal 2019 through fiscal 2024. In 1940, the federal government spent only 2.1% of GDP on “payments for individuals.” As a percentage of GDP, these payments peaked in fiscal 2010 at 15.5%.

But in inflation-adjusted dollars, the total amount the federal government spends on these payments has increased since then. In fiscal 2010, federal “payments for individuals” totaled $2,406,300,000,000 in constant 2012 dollars. But by fiscal 2019, according to the OMB estimate, they had increased to $2,835,300,000,000 in constant fiscal 2012 dollars, and in fiscal 2020, they are projected to hit a record $2,837,500,000,000 in constant 2012 dollars (or $3,223,943,000,000 in current year dollars). What exactly are these “payments to individuals” that will consume 67.9% of all federal spending this year? “These are federal government spending programs designed to transfer income (in cash or in kind) to individuals or families,” the OMB says in the introduction to its historical spending tables. “To the extent feasible,” says the OMB, “this category does not include reimbursements for current services rendered to the Government (e.g., salaries and interest).”

“The payments may be in the form of cash paid directly to individuals or they may take the form of the provision of services or the payment of bills for activities generally financed from personal income,” the OMB says. “They include outlays for the provision of medical care (in veterans’ hospitals, for example) and for the payment of medical bills (e.g., Medicare),” says the OMB. “They also include subsidies to reduce the cost of housing below market rates and food and nutrition assistance (such as SNAP — formerly food stamps),” the OMB says. In Table 11.3, Outlays for Payments for Individuals by Category and Major Program, the OMB breaks down the total outlays for “spending programs designed to transfer income” by the programs through which the income is transferred. The most expensive set of these programs deals with medical care. In fiscal 2020, the OMB estimates, federal medical care programs will spend a total of $1,434,169,000,000.

Within this category, Medicare will spend $808,340,000,000, and Medicaid will spend $418,151,000,000. Social Security and the railroad retirement program will spend another $1,110,989,000,000. The civil service retirement program will spend $89,524,000,000. The earned income tax credit will spend $62,551,000,000. The Supplemental Security Income program will spend $53,440,000,000. Housing assistance programs will spend $48,928,000,000. (food stamps) will spend $48,603,000,000. Non-veteran student assistance will spend $44,654,000,000.

 *Another Brutal Gang Slaying In Sanctuary City Seattle, Yet Police Still Won’t Work With ICE:

Another person has been murdered in the Seattle area due to gang violence committed by illegal immigrants, yet the city still refuses to cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Carlos Orlando Iraheta-Vega, a member of the MS-13 gang, was arrested and accused of the brutal slaying of his teenage friend, Juan Carlos Con Guzman. Iraheta-Vega, who entered the country illegally, is accused of bashing Guzman to death with a baseball bat, and then working with another gang member to chop the body into pieces using a machete. One of Guzman’s arms and legs had been severed. Marks on his neck suggested the perpetrators attempted to cut his head off.

The Washington Times reported that Iraheta-Vega, 20, “admitted to the killing, saying he’d arranged to fight Juan Carlos but somewhere along the way he and a fellow MS-13 confederate, nicknamed ‘Inferno,’ decided to kill him instead.” The Times also reported that Iraheta-Vega would have been deported about a year ago had Seattle cooperated with ICE at the time. “But King County refused to notify ICE that Mr. Iraheta-Vega was being released from jail, and instead freed him into the community. He would have more run-ins with the law, each time escaping ICE’s clutches, until his arrest last week on suspicion of murder,” the outlet reported.

Iraheta-Vega’s arrest on suspicion of murder came just one week after Carlos Daniel Carillo-Lopez was arrested on charges of participating in the murder of a teen boy with fellow gang members. The boy was targeted because his girlfriend had posted a photo of herself online making the hand sign of a rival gang. Carillo-Lopez was a member of the Surenos gang and was prepared to fight a boy who was previously his friend. But after the boy’s girlfriend posted photos of herself making the hand sign of the 18th Street gang, Carillo-Lopez joined others in killing him, the Times reported.

 *Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Unveils Bill That Would Give Federal Benefits To Illegal Aliens:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has found yet another way to spend your money. The 29-year-old former bartender Congresswoman has unveiled a new six-bill package of legislation titled “A Just Society.”

“A just society provides a living wage, safe working conditions, and healthcare. A just society acknowledges the value of immigrants to our communities. A just society guarantees safe, comfortable, and affordable housing,” says a page on her House website dedicated to the package. “By strengthening our social and economic foundations, we are preparing ourselves to embark on the journey to save our planet by rebuilding our economy and cultivate a just society.” The package has six parts:

•     “The Place to Prosper Act” would prevent year-over-year rent increases of more than 3%.

•  “The Uplift Workers Act” would mandate that the Department of Labor to create a “worker-friendly score” considering factors such as paid-family leave, a $15 minimum wage and union membership.

•    “The Mercy in Re-entry Act” would grant public benefits to those convicted of criminal offenses.

•    The “Guarantees the Economic, Social and Cultural Rights for All Act” does, well, just that.

•    “The Recognizing Poverty Act” orders the Department of Health and Human Services “to adjust the federal poverty line” based on location.

•    “The Embrace Act” would allow illegal aliens to claim the same welfare benefits as all U.S. citizens and legal immigrants.


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Actress Chloë Sevigny at her home in New York, August 2019.




Marty Brounstein, Acclaimed Author, Kicks Off New York City Area Speaking Series Fall 2019 for Inspiring Holocaust Book

Marty Brounstein, acclaimed author, keynote speaker, and recent winner of the Best of Los Angeles Award– “Best Holocaust Book – 2019”, has certainly had a busy year so far. He first received the prestigious honor of the Jefferson Award on August 26, 2019, which recognizes those who perform acts of public service and good in America.

Now, Marty is ready to kick off his New York City Area Speaking Series Fall 2019, where he will be returning to the greater New York City area for a speaking series of four public storytelling presentation events to keep sharing his inspirational story of courage, compassion, and rescue related to his book. There are two book discussion events happening with schools in addition.

The four events will be running from Sunday, October 27, 2019 through November 6, 2019. Two of the events will be in Manhattan, one just over the border in New Jersey, and the other in Long Island.


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