September 12, 2018

*WEEK ONE- FBS College Football Attendance Nearly 4 Times NFL’s:
The number of fans who attended games featuring NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) teams this weekend was nearly 4 times the number attending NFL games.

The total number of attending FBS college games, according to attendance numbers published by ESPN, was 3,513,235. The total number attending NFL games was 931,721.

That means there were 3.77 times as many fans–in the stands–personally watching FBS college games this weekend than there were fans in the stands watching NFL games.

*Illegal immigrants cited in theft of 39 million Social Security numbers:
Nearly 40 million Social Security numbers have been stolen and used by illegal immigrants and others to get work, according to agency records obtained by an immigration reform group.

The Immigration Reform Law Institute said that from 2012 to 2016 there were “39 million instances where names and Social Security numbers on W-2 tax forms did not match the corresponding Social Security records.”

The group said that there is a “thriving black market” used by illegal immigrants to get Social Security numbers needed to get a job.

Their report draws attention to a move by former President Barack Obama to stop sending so-called “no match” letters to employers notifying them that numbers used by employees on the wage forms do not match their identity.

*Catholic Business Group to Withhold $820,000 Annual Tithe to Vatican:
A prominent Catholic business organization, Legatus, has announced that it is withholding its annual tithe to the Vatican — estimated at $820,000 — because of the recent revelations about sexual abuse (and cover-up) by some Catholic bishops and because of concerns about how the funds donated to theHoly See are being allocated.

Legatus, which boasts a membership of more than 5,000 Catholic business leaders, was founded by Tom Monaghan, the founder of Domino’s Pizza.

In a Sept. 6 letter to Legatus members, Legatus Chairman and CEO Tom Monaghan says, “Events over the past few weeks have prompted many members to contact the national office and members of the Board of Governors regarding the current crisis in the Church.”

*Most Doctors Are Ill-Equipped to Deal With the Opioid Epidemic. Few Medical Schools Teach Addiction:
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, addiction — whether to tobacco, alcohol or other drugs — is a disease that contributes to 632,000 deaths in the United States annually.

But comprehensive addiction training is rare in American medical education. A report by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University called out “the failure of the medical profession at every level — in medical school, residency training, continuing education and in practice” to adequately address addiction.

Dr. Timothy Brennan, who directs an addiction medicine fellowship at Mount Sinai Health System, said that combating the crisis with this provider work force is “like trying to fight World War II with only the Coast Guard.”

Now, a decade-long push by doctors, medical students and patients to legitimize addiction medicine is resulting in blips of change around the country. A handful of students has begun to specialize in the nascent field, which concentrates on prevention and treatment of addictions and the effect of addictive substances on other medical conditions.

In June, the House of Representatives authorized a bill to reimburse education costs for providers who work in areas particularly afflicted by addiction.

Now YOU can invite your friends, family, and associates (if they’ve got the guts) by telling them to go
Heroin is one of the most potent and deadly illicit substances in the world. As the opioid epidemic wages on, we see more people succumb to heroin’s wrath every day. It seems that all eyes have been on this powerful drug lately. Despite all of the attention it may be getting, there still may be more about this drug that you may not know.

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, heroin was legal!

Heroin was legal and also sold over the counter! There was once a time that heroin was sold as a “safe, alternative pain relieving” medication. It was marketed as a “less addictive” alternative to morphine.

As the poppy petals fall away, an egg-shaped seedpod in the middle of the flower is exposed. It is from here a thick sap is excreted, which is opium in the purest form.

The addict may begin to feel withdrawal symptoms as soon as six hours after the last dose is administered. While these withdrawal symptoms can be intense, heroin withdrawals, themselves, are actually not life-threatening.

Heroin has several different faces. Heroin is almost always in powder form, but the hue of this powder comes in a variety of colors. White and brown heroin powder is the most common types of heroin. Heroin also comes in a sticky form that is black in color known as “black tar heroin.” The color of the drug is usually a telltale sign from which region it has originated. White heroin powder typically comes from Asia, Colombian and Afghan heroin is usually brown in color, and black tar is usually sourced from Mexico.

The phrase “kicking the habit” is derived as a result of the twitching legs heroin users experience during withdrawal. Also, the phrase “going cold turkey” comes from heroin users experiencing goosebumps from the severe cold flashes they may experience from heroin withdrawal.

It was estimated that approximately 93 percent of the world’s opium supply originated from Afghanistan in the mid-2000s.

Heroin remains a severe issue for the United States thanks to the current opioid epidemic. It is also a worldwide issue affecting approximately 9.2 million people total.

The German chemist responsible for the creation of heroin was named Heinrich Dreser. Working for the Bayer Company, Dreser was determined to create a product that would be highly marketable and make him a fortune. Ultimately, Heinrich Dreser would ironically die at the age of 64 as a heroin addict, himself.

In 1924, The Heroin Act was signed into legislation, which declared heroin a dangerous substance and made the act of owning or manufacturing the drug illegal, which it has remained for nearly 100 years.

Actor Nathan Lane along with 12 members of the White House staff, 3 Nobel Prize winners, over 100 Academy Award winners, 6 U.S. Senators, and over 300 Grammy Award winners.
The average human produces 25,000 quarts of saliva in a lifetime, enough to fill two swimming pools.
John Lennon was dyslexic and legally blind.
*EXAMINER–COMMENTARY by Andrew Ross Sorkin
This week is the 10th anniversary of the inflection point of the financial crisis: the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the biggest bankruptcy in history. To some, it feels like a long time ago.

Yet, its effects still echo in the way we live today — in the attitudes that pervade our economy, our culture and our politics. It is hardly a stretch to suggest that President Trump’s election was a direct result of the financial crisis.

The crisis was a moment that cleaved our country. It broke a social contract between the plutocrats and everyone else. But it also broke a sense of trust, not just in financial institutions and the government that oversaw them, but in the very idea of experts and expertise. The past 10 years have seen an open revolt against the intelligentsia.

Mistrust led to new political movements: the Tea Party for those who didn’t trust the government and Occupy Wall Streetfor those who didn’t trust big business. These moved Democrats and Republicans away from each other in fundamental ways, and populist attitudes on both ends of the spectrum found champions in the 2016 presidential race in Senator Bernie Sanders and Donald J. Trump.

My pitch is simple: The next time you meet a candidate asking for your money, start the conversation with two questions.

First: “When did you last change your mind on a significant political, economic or social issue, and why?”

Second (if the candidate is already in politics): “When did you vote with the other side?”

Helmut Newton —
A Scene from Pina Bausch’s Ballet, Wuppertal — 1983
LBN Examiner Edited By: Renee Preston

September 9, 2018


*Federal Bureaucrats Are Overpaid-
Shrinking Size of Gov’t Is the Answer Says Administration:

President Trump has proposed a one-year pay freeze for federal bureaucrats, which has reinvigorated the debate over whether compensation levels for the civil service are too lavish.

The Washington Post opines this is nothing but “government bashing,” but this chart from my former colleague Chris Edwards should be more than enough evidence to show that federal bureaucrats have a big advantage over workers in the economy’s productive sector.

And there is plenty of additional evidence that federal employment is very attractive. For instance, it’s just about impossible to get fired from a bureaucracy.

Though defenders of the civil service sometimes make the preposterous claim that nobody gets fired because bureaucrats are such good employees.

“Maybe we should ask veterans whether they think all federal bureaucrats do a good job? Or we can ask non-profit groups whether they think IRS bureaucrats are top-quality workers? Or ask anyone who has ever tried to navigate the federal government? asks writer Daniel Mitchell.

We also know that the counties where most federal bureaucrats reside are now the richest region of the entire nation. Coincidence?

*Bombshell Report-  
See How Many Google Employees Donated to Democrats:
Americans are rightly concerned that Big Tech companies in Silicon Valley have an outsized influence over the news and opinions we see on social media platforms and in Googlesearches. The fact that most of these platforms originate in some of the most liberal strongholds in the country — Mountain View, San Francisco, and Menlo Park, California —  raises questions about whether they’re either intentionally or subconsciously putting their oversized thumbs on the scales to promote points of view they agree with and hide views they find odious or dangerous.

A study released today from GovPredict shows that more than 90 percent of political donations by Alphabet employees went to Democrats. This news will only amplify fears that everything we read, see, and hear is being controlled by tech industry employees with a left-wing political bent.

*Assaults on ICE, Border Patrol surge as
illegal immigrants get more violent:
Assaults on ICE agents reached a decade high in 2017, and assaults on Border Patrol agents have also surged in recent years, according to new government numbers that seem to back up agents’ claims that illegal immigrants are increasingly looking to fight rather than flee.

The new numbers, reported by Homeland Security’s inspector general, could even be underselling the problem, investigators said, because the government doesn’t do a good job of tracking incidents, and agents and officers don’t always report them properly.

But the report does signal renewed danger particularly on the southwest border, where agents say a surge in illegal immigration in recent years generally correlates with growing violence.

Prosecutors, meanwhile, often refuse to bring charges or win cases against the perpetrators, the audit found.

*Spanish-language sample ballots now required in 32 more Florida counties:
A federal judge has ordered 32 counties statewide to provide sample ballots in Spanish to accommodate thousands of Puerto Ricans who moved to Florida after Hurricane Maria.

Federal Judge Mark Walker issued an order Friday, calling English-language ballots a detriment to voters who only speak Spanish.

*Paul Simon went to Brazilian
healer to decode his dreams:
Paul Simon is on a path of self-exploration. In a revealing interview about his retirement with NPR, the musical icon revealed that he recently visited a healer to learn why he has such wild dreams.

“I have a long history, really going back to like when I’m four, of violence dreams,” the 73-year-old songwriter shared. “Those dreams, they got so intense a few years ago that I took a trip down to Brazil to see this healer, John of God.”

Simon, who is retiring from music, says he went to Brazil at the behest of friends.

As it turns out, John of God didn’t quite deliver. Simon said his healing comes from Christian teachings, but it was not a religious event.

“He didn’t really have anything that fixed it, if that’s the right word,” Simon said. “But I’ve been thinking about it more and more. Lately, and like in the last year or so, my dreams they are getting longer and more … they’re sort of explosions of anger sometimes come out.”

Simon feels he can sometimes gain control of his dreams, adding that the trip to South America didn’t have a dramatic effect on him, but allowed him to think in a more spiritual way.

*Chicago Priests Arrested For Performing Oral Sex in Car
in Broad Daylight:
Two priests who serve in the Archdiocese of Chicago headed by Cardinal Blase Cupich, a close ally of Pope Francis, were arrested on Monday in Miami Beach and charged with Lewd and Lascivious behavior after pedestrians and the police observed the two priests performing oral sex in a parked car.

The sexual activity took place at around 3:00PM “in full view of the public passing by on Ocean Drive and the sidewalk,” said the police, as reported by 4 CBS Miami. The police further noted that there is a children’s playground near the intersection of 13th Street and Ocean Drive.

The two priests arrested and charged are Fr. Diego Berrio, 39, and Fr. Edwin Giraldo Cortez, 30.  Both priests reportedly are assigned to the Mission San Juan Diego parish in Arlington Heights, Illinois, which is under the jurisdiction of Cardinal Cupich. Also, Fr. Berrio  is listed as a tribunal judge with the Archdiocese.

*Melania refused to go on TV with Trump after ‘Access Hollywood’ tape-Woodward:
Melania Trump refused to appear alongside her husband on TV as part of his damage-control efforts after he was heard uttering crude comments about women in the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape, according to Bob Woodward’s new tell-all about the president.

“‘Not doing that,’ Melania said in her Slovenian accent, dismissively waving her hand,” Woodward wrote in “Fear,” according to an excerpt published by The Guardian.

“‘No way. No, no, no,’” she added during Trump’s campaign.

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Two top Tesla executives just jumped ship, the company’s share price is down 9 percent, and the CEO is busying himself smoking weed, doing podcasts and tossing accusations of pedophilia around.

You could say things aren’t going so great for Tesla and Elon Musk these past few weeks. Is this the beginning of the end for Elon Musk?-

Send your reply to: 
In the new Showtime series “Kidding,” Jim Carrey plays aMister Rogers-like children’s-TV host in the midst of a personal breakdown.

Patrick Kilpatrick, Acclaimed Writer & Action Movie Star, Gears Up for October Release- Volume 1 of his 2-Part Memoir

Writer & Hollywood Cinema Bad Guy, Patrick Kilpatrick, will release brazen 2-volume memoir of his volatile, privileged upbringing, and 3 decades of working with Hollywood elite.

One of the finest screen and television character actors of his generation, Patrick Kilpatrick has played against a spectrum of Hollywood’s leading action heroes including, Tom CruiseYun-Fat ChowArnold SchwarzeneggerJames CaanBruce WillisSteven SegalSean Connery, and Jean-Claude Van Damme, to name a few. He even waged war with the largest mammal on earth in FREE WILLY: THE RESCUE.

Continuing his strong foothold as a multifaceted Hollywood mainstay, Kilpatrick is set to release Book One – Upbringing of his two-volume memoir, DYING FOR LIVING: Sins & Confessions of a Hollywood Villain and Libertine Patriot onOct. 1, 2018.

It will be published worldwide on all platforms and top retail outlets by Boulevard Books.

“These are explosive memoirs that any Hollywood or movie aficionado must read,” Kilpatrick offers. “Proceeds of sales go toward the continued care of veterans, America’s true action A-list heroes.”

Model Emily Ratajkowsk along with 12 members of the White House staff, 3 Nobel Prize winners, over 100 Academy Award winners, 6 U.S. Senators, and over 300 Grammy Award winners.

The Brent Shapiro Foundation’s Summer Spectacular

On Friday, September 7, 2018, the annual Brent Shapiro Foundation for Drug Prevention Summer Spectacular was held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA.

Robert and Linell Shapiro created the Brent Shapiro Foundation following their son Brent’s death to honor his life and promote prevention and awareness of chemical dependence. The foundation’s mission is to save lives through awareness and effective programs that incentivize kids to abstain from drugs and alcohol.

The inspired gala was hosted by Robert Shapiro (attorney) andMario Lopez (Extra!). The event featured a musical performance by David Lee Roth (Van Halen) and Cleto and the Cletones (house band from Jimmy Kimmel Live!). ActorJoe Manganiello, honored with the Spirit of Sobriety Award, was joined by his lovely wife Sofia Vergara.

Other guests included Kelly Dodd (The Real Housewives of Orange County), Maureen McCormick (The Brady Bunch),Courtney Mazza (Actress), Rick Hilton (businessman), Kathy Hilton (socialite), Khandi Alexander (Scandal), Ed Begley Jr.(Better Call Saul), Larry King (TV/radio host), Adrienne Maloof (The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills), Gloria Allred(attorney), Paul Nassif (Botched), Brooke Mueller (actress),John Savage (The Deer Hunter), Blanca Blanco (actress),Donna Mills (General Hospital), and many more.

Complimentary Getty Images

NFL ratings are facing yet another brutal blitz this fall — and few pundits are betting that they won’t get sacked. With ratings having plunged 8 percent in 2016 and nearly 10 percent last year, experts say this season’s ratings could fall even faster as the league continues to grapple with a slew of ugly controversies that have turned off viewers.

How Secure is My Password

Find out how secure your password is with a click of a button.

Christopher Kennedy Lawford, the actor born into political and Hollywood nobility who turned his recovery from drug addiction into a career as a public health advocate and best-selling author, died on Tuesday in Vancouver, British Columbia. He was 63 and had homes in Los Angeles and Hawaii.

The cause was a heart attack, his family said. Mr. Lawford, whose mother was Patricia Kennedy, a sister of John F. Kennedy, and whose father was Peter Lawford, the British-born actor and member of the Rat Pack, began acting in the late 1980s and had parts in television programs like “Frasier” and “The O.C.,” as well as in films including “Terminator 3.”

Hurricanes are a lot less understood then you might think. While they occur everywhere around the globe, and though they happen with some regularity every year, scientists still aren’t totally sure what drives them—our observational satellite records of these storms only go back to around the 1970s.

Understanding hurricanes, how they work, and what makes them go is still a very active area of research. They seem to be caused by a complex interaction between the ocean and the atmosphere. In order to form, they require a delicate balance of moisture, temperature, pressure and weather systems across almost an entire ocean. “They really are one of the more complicated phenomena because they bring together a lot of different process at once and they’re all important,” saysAllison Wing, a professor of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science at the University of Florida.

*EXAMINER–COMMENTARY by Thomas L. Friedman:
I greatly enjoyed the movie “Crazy Rich Asians” because, beyond the many laugh lines, it reminded me of an important point: Rich Asia has gotten really rich — not because it doesn’t have political, tribal, ethnic and religious differences like other regions, but because in more places on more days it learned to set those differences aside and focus on building the real foundations of sustainable wealth: education, trade, infrastructure, human capital and, in the most successful places, the rule of law. Most of Asia became prosperous not by discovering natural resources but by tapping its human resources — men and women — and giving them the tools to realize their potential.

It got me thinking that if someone were to do a similar movie about the Middle East it could be called “Crazy Poor Middle Easterners.” Because, with a few exceptions, this region has never been a bigger mess, had more people fighting over who owns which olive tree, had more cities turned to rubble by rival sects and missed its potential so vastly.

The region of the world that should be naturally rich has made itself poor by repeatedly letting the past bury the future and the region that is naturally poor has made itself rich by letting the future bury the past.

Winona Ryder by Michael Thompson
After nearly 13 years of marriage, CNN commentator Van Jones and his wife, Jana Carter, are splitting up. Carter filed for divorce Friday in LA County Court, and the couple have been separated since May. The couple got married in 2005, the website reports. Jones, 49, and Carter share two young sons together.

LBN Examiner Edited By: Renee Preston

September 5, 2018

*BTK Serial Killer-
‘I Have a Lot of Feelings’
for My Victims:
Confessed serial killer Dennis Rader, also known as theBTK Killer for his “bind, torture, kill” signature, says a “demon” within him drove him to kill 10 people in Wichita between 1974 and 1991.

In a new Oxygen documentary called Snapped: Notorious BTK Serial Killer, Rader can be heard telling a local news reporter about the “high” of killing in a previously unheard interview given right after he confessed to the murders in 2005. “I personally think, and I know it’s not very Christian, but I actually think it’s a demon that’s within me,” he toldKAKE-TV reporter Larry Hatteberg.

“At some point and time, it entered me when I was young. And it basically controlled me,” he said. Asked about his victims, Rader said, “I mean, I have a lot of feelings for them. I guess it’s more of an achievement for this object in the hunt. Or sort of more of a high, I guess.”

Rader, who managed to evade police for three decades, also previously admitted to having plans to kill an 11th victim, whom he said he planned to hang upside down in her home before he was caught. He was arrested in 2005 and is now serving 10 consecutive life sentences in a Kansas prison.

*Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, American Islamic Forum for Democracy, Founder and President, Urges People to
Pay Attention to the Impending Massacre in Idlib, Syria:
The American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD) calls for people of conscience to pay attention to and shed every light possible on what experts across the region are predicting to be an impending massacre in the town of Idlib in Syria.

“The military killing machine of Bashar Assad and his regime is planning to obliterate the town and trap, torture, and starve its inhabitants under the pretense of finishing off the few remaining jihadi groups that remain holed up there after reportedly escaping other battle arenas in Syria into Idlib,” Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser warns.

Many are reporting that the Syrian civil war is entering its last phase and that this battle between the regime and the jihadis in Idlib may be the last one of this over seven-year civil war. Lost in this battle will be the majority of the inhabitants of Idlib which are likely to be far beyond anything resembling collateral damage but actually the intended mass targets of humanity which the genocidal Assad regime seeks to punish.

Jasser continues, “The over 600,000 dead and 10 million Syrian citizens displaced since 2011 are testimony to what happens to those who dared to question the fascist tyranny of Bashar Assad and ask for the end of Syrian Ba’athism.”

“We call upon people of conscience in the media, government, academia, and human rights activists to immediately bring attention to what is happening in Syria.” Dr. Jasser concludes, “History will judge us as to what we did before, during, and after the Idlib massacre.”

In this day of spin, parsing, plausible deniability and partisan media, it’s hard— to not only separate truth from lies, but to separate precision from hyperbole. Some talking heads and television personalities are so vicious and hateful that practically every statement is over the top, not meant to inform but incite.

Many of our politicians of today are little more than human tape loops, repeating the same tired rhetoric, as predictable as the sunrise and as informative as experiencing somebody having a gas attack.

The Gleiwitz Incident
In 1939, Nazi forces staged an attack on a German radio station. They shot a well-known Polish sympathizer and planted his body at the scene, reporting the attack as the work of Polish saboteurs.

The attack was part of a Nazi propaganda campaign calledOperation Himmler, which involved a series of staged incidents intended to create the appearance of Polish aggression against Germany and provide a basis for the invasion of Poland.

A new study about Google News shows that while everyone gets the same results, five liberal news organizations “alone” made up 49 percent of the total recommendations from the respective experiments.

The five were The New York TimesCNNPoliticoThe Washington Post and HuffPost. The study, written by Columbia University PhD candidate Efrat Nechushtai and University of Oregon Shirley Papé, Chair in Emerging Media, and Seth Lewis, set to be published in the journal “Computers in Human Behavior,” stated only 14 news organizations “made up 79% of the total number of news recommendations suggested to searchers.”

From 1886 to 1924, over 14 million immigrants entered through New York harbor into the United States. About 40% of Americans can trace at least one ancestor to Ellis Island.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York, along with 12 members of the White House staff, 3 Nobel Prize winners, over 100Academy Award winners, 6 U.S. Senators, and over 300Grammy Award winners.
In an informal study of 80 pairs of pants across 20 brands, women’s pockets were just half the size of men’s pockets.
Cannabis Expert BigMike Straumietis Reveals
The Top 10 Medical Uses For Cannabis
BigMike Straumietis, founder and CEO of Advanced Nutrients— the No. 1-selling cannabis brand in the world — reveals the top 10 medical uses for cannabis.

1. Cannabis For Pain Relief
THC activates pathways in the body’s central nervous system that work to block pain signals being sent to the brain. Cannabis has also been shown to be especially effective against neuropathic pain, otherwise known as nerve-related pain.

2. Cannabis For Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
The active psychoactive compound THC can also temporarily relieve the anxiety and persistent traumatic memories that are often associated with PTSD.

3. Cannabis For Nausea And Vomiting
Currently, there are Food and Drug Administration-approved pharmaceuticals on the market that contain THC to treat nausea and vomiting, including Marinol, a pill containing synthetic THC, the first of its kind approved by the FDA. These medications have proven very helpful for cancer patients.

4. Cannabis Helps With Appetite Stimulation
Medical marijuana helps patients undergoing radiation and chemotherapy by boosting their appetites. Cannabis also helps others at risk of significant weight loss or malnutrition by encouraging them to eat.

5. Medical Cannabis For Asthma
THC has the ability to improve breathing in people living with asthma.

6. Cannabis For Glaucoma
THC helps relieve eye pressure in patients living with the debilitating group of eye conditions known as glaucoma, which can often result in vision impairment or blindness.

7. Cannabis As A Sleep Aid
THC and CBD oil, both properties of the cannabis plant, help induce sleep and reduce sleep interruptions.

8. Cannabis For Cancer
Over the past several years, dozens of studies point to the effectiveness of cannabis in managing the unpleasant side effects of different types of cancer, including brain, breast, prostate, lung, thyroid, colon, pituitary, melanoma and leukemia.

9. Cannabis To Manage Epilepsy
Charlotte’s Web is a strain of cannabis that helps reduce seizures in children living with severe forms of epilepsy.

10. Cannabis For Concussion
Israeli researchers are exploring cannabis as a potential treatment for traumatic brain injury.

Avocados have more protein than any other fruit.
*EXAMINER–COMMENTARY by Thomas L. Friedman:
America, we all know, won the Cold War. Our values and economic system proved superior to Russia’s. But what is at stake in the 2018 midterms is who is going to win the post-Cold War.

Yes, that question is back on the table. Because what we are seeing in the behavior of Trump and his toadies in the the beginnings of the Russification of American politics.Vladimir Putin could still win the post-Cold War.

*** It may be XXPEN$IVE to be Erika Girardi, but soon, fans of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star can get her style for less. On TuesdayShoeDazzle announced Girardi as the company’s latest muse.

The reality star and performer curated 14 must-have styles for fall that reflect her notoriously flashy style for less. Her picks range in price from $40 to $50 and include multiple booties, pumps and over-the-knee boots.

Girardi notoriously revealed that she spends $40,000 a month on hair, makeup, costumes and more to create her Erika Jaynestage persona, so a pair of shoes for 100 times cheaper is certainly a deal.

**** Lara Spencer is a married woman. On Saturday, the “Good Morning America” co-host and fiancé Rick McVeyexchanged vows in Vail, Colorado, a source confirmed.

The couple, who announced their engagement in January after two years of dating, wed in an outdoor ceremony, where they were joined by 135 of their closest family and friends

LBN Examiner Edited By: Renee Preston