July 7, 2019

*MAYHEM – Mexico Murder Bloodbath Spirals out of Control Reaching All-Time High with 94 Killings Every DAY:

Mexico is experiencing its worst ever murder rate with 94 killings each day amid a massive surge in violence between cartels. The number of homicides has rocketed over the past four years with more than 3,000 people slaughtered in June alone — and over 17,000 in the first six months of this year.

 If the current trend continues 2019 will beat the previous year’s record of 33,341 murders, which was 33 per cent more than three years ago. Compare this to the total recorded last year in the UK, which has half Mexico’s population but only has 726 murder victims. Crime levels are so dire the government has called the army in.

The rising death toll is the result of many cartels splintering into factions, which in turn are engaging in increasingly bloody battles over control of lucrative drug, theft, extortion and kidnapping rackets. Security specialist Ricardo Márquez Blastold Mexico News Daily: “The last year of [the administration of] former president Enrique Peña Nieto was bad in terms of the crime rate but 2019 is on the path to being even worse. “It’s important to understand that we’re doing worse in security than the worst year on record.”

*Cockroaches are Becoming ‘Nearly Impossible’ to Kill:

Cockroaches are quickly evolving to be resistant to pesticides and could soon be impossible to kill with chemicals alone, according to a new study. Researchers from Purdue University found that some German roaches, which are one of the most common types of cockroach in the UK, could pass down their resistant genes to their offspring. The findings were published in the journal of Scientific Reports. The study’s co-author Michael Scharf said: “We didn’t have a clue that something like that could happen this fast.”

“Cockroaches developing resistance to multiple classes of insecticides at once will make controlling these pests almost impossible with chemicals alone.” The bugs are so dangerous because they are carriers of dozens of bacteria, including E. coli and salmonella, which can make people very sick. They leave behind feces, saliva and body parts that can trigger asthma and allergies or even cause children to develop these issues.

*Gallup: Americans Radically Overestimate LGBT Population:

Although U.S. adults think LGBT persons make up nearly 24% of the U.S. population, this is a dramatic overestimation, according to Gallup, which asserts that the LGBT population is in reality closer to 4.5%. Gallup also reports that the percentage of Americans identifying as LGBT is most prevelant among millenials. In its survey, Gallup asked, “Just your best guess, what percent of Americans today would you say are gay or lesbian?” From the respondents’ answers, the average was 23.6%. In other words, American adults think LGBT people make up nearly 24% of the population, which is more than 5 times the real percentage of 4.5%.

In May 2015, Gallup found that Americans thought LGBTs were 23.2% of the population, and in May 2011, they thought the percentage was 24.6%. “Americans’ estimate of the proportion of gay people in the U.S. is more than five times Gallup’s more encompassing 2017 estimate that 4.5% of Americans are LGBT, based on respondents’ self-identification as being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender,” reported the survey firm.

 *Effects of ‘Secondhand Drinking’ Hurt 53 Million Americans:

Forget secondhand smoke. Now you have to worry about the secondhand drinking. One fifth of adults — or an estimated 53 million people in the United States — suffer from other people’s boozing annually, making this “a significant public health issue,” according to a new study published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs. “One thing to think about with the 1 in 5 number is that it is only limited to a snapshot in time of about a year. So, probably more people have actually been harmed by someone else’s drinking at other times in their life,” study author Katherine Karriker-Jaffe, a senior scientist with the Alcohol Research Group at the Public Health Institute in Emeryville, Calif., tells CNN.

Researchers analyzed responses from 8,750 adults interviewed in 2015 for the National Alcohol’s Harm to Others Survey and the National Alcohol Survey. Subjects were asked whether they experienced any of the 10 types of harms — caused by someone who had been drinking alcohol — in a 12-month period. The damages included everything from traffic accidents, physical abuse, marital problems, property damage and financial issues. The current research, funded by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, analyzed the data to provide insight for potential alcohol control policies, such as taxation and pricing to reduce alcohol’s harm to persons other than the drinker.

 *Arizona Gov Makes Major Announcement After Nike Pulls American Flag Shoe At Colin  Kaepernick’s Behest:

On Tuesday, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, a Republican, announced that the state would be withdrawing financial incentives promised to Nike over the company dropping an American flag-style shoe reportedly at the behest of former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick. “The Betsy Ross Flag” edition shoe was kicked to the curb by the athletic gear giant after Kaepernick complained about the new sneakers, allegedly calling them “offensive.” The former QB, who famously took a knee during the playing of the national anthem before NFL games, claiming to protest police brutality and racial injustices, signed a multi-million dollar sponsorship deal with Nike last year.

“Words cannot express my disappointment at this terrible decision. I am embarrassed for Nike,” Gov. Ducey posted in a string of tweets on Tuesday morning. “Nike is an iconic American brand and American company. This country, our system of government and free enterprise have allowed them to prosper and flourish.”

 *Alaska Heat Wave Could Bring Record Temperatures:

Alaska has been hit with record-high temperatures that have the arctic state packing heat. The unusual heat wave will have the northernmost state cooking in temperatures of 87 degrees or higher over the holiday weekend, starting July 4 through Monday, the National Weather Service said. “Expect record or near-record high temperatures each day,” the agency said Wednesday.

Scorching temperatures could continue into next week and challenge the all-time high temperature at Anchorage International Airport of 85 degrees on June 14, 1969. “The most likely days for this to occur would be Thursday or Friday,” the National Weather Service forecast said.


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Although child marriage is illegal in Ethiopia, 49% of girls marry before 18 and nearly 1 in 5 Ethiopian girls is married before 15. Almost half of 15- to 19- year-old girls in the Amhararegion have been or currently are married.


How’d you like to do this tedious job? An operator in Chicagoannounces the time every 15 seconds in 1928.


Welcome to Episode #3 of the revealing TV show “Without Notes” with Judith Regan, an American editor, book publisher, and producer – Episode 3: https://youtu.be/PlHp2XPyDi0


Paruresis is a condition that prevents people from urinating in public, sometimes even in their own homes if others are in adjacent rooms. The good news is that this anxiety disorder is highly treatable. The Secret Social Phobia: Shy Bladder Syndrome (Paruresis) offers strategies and easy-to-follow exercises to help you desensitize yourself to fear-producing situations and feel comfortable in public restrooms. Graduated exposure will help get you to the point where you can tolerate the anxiety of relieving yourself in a public washroom or other shared space.

Dr. Soifer also recently presented a TedX Mississippi talk entitled “Do Public Restrooms Make You Nervous,” which can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8l5IiK2Ly2g


Jeff Maxwell and Ryan Patrick cut deep into the bowels of the iconic CBS Mega-hit, M*A*S*H. Nine years in the role of Private Igor, the beleaguered cook at the 4077, Maxwell provides behind-the-scenes tidbits as only a cast member can. Patrick, an Illinois radio personality and marketing genius, offers the squishy, emotional component available only from a life-long, devoted fan. Along with the hosts’ perspectives, M*A*S*H writers, producers, cast members, and even listeners drop in as featured guests to share their unique experiences and opinions.

Enlist today and explore with Jeff and Ryan why M*A*S*H did, does, and continues to matter in 2019. That’s an order!


“OMG…never heard the MASH Matters podcast before. So much insight, backstage stories. I sat at my desk for an hour glued to my laptop.” —Lee Heft
“The combination of Ryan’s knowledge of the show and the inside first-hand experiences of Jeff; not to mention his great sense of humor, make for a perfect combination. Keep up the great work!” –“Muggs
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Harper One Director of Publicity, Suzanne Wickham, along with 12 members of the White House staff, 3 Nobel Prizewinners, over 100 Academy Award winners, 6 U.S. Senators, and over 300 Grammy Award winners.


July 3, 2019

*Trump: ‘How About Taking Care of American Citizens First?’:

President Trump, tweeting from the G-20 summit in Japan Thursday night, summed up the Democrat debate this way: All Democrats just raised their hands for giving millions of illegal aliens unlimited healthcare. How about taking care of American Citizens first!? That’s the end of that race!

At Thursday night’s debate, in a “show of hands” question, NBC’s Savannah Guthrie asked the ten Democrats on the stage: “Raise your hand if your government plan would provide coverage for undocumented immigrants?” All the presidential hopefuls raised their hands.

 *The Seattle Suburb where Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates Both Live is Running out of Money:

Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates are the richest people in the world, worth $119 billion and $107 billion respectively, according to BloombergAmazon is headquartered in Seattle and Microsoft is just outside the city, and both billionaires have homes in the nearby small town of Medina, Washington. With a population of just over 3,000, Medina is the seventh richest zip code in the U.S. with a median home value of $2.77 million, and the town has a median household income of $186,464 in 2017, the most recent data available. (By comparison, the 2017 median household income in the U.S. was $60,336.) Yet Medina is running out of money — and the irony is lost on no one.

 *80% of the Stock Market is Now
on Autopilot:

It’s no secret that machines are taking up a bigger and bigger share of investing, but the extent of their influence is approaching shocking proportions. It is as high as 80%, according to one major investing firm. Passive investments such as index funds and exchange-traded funds control about 60% of the equity assets, while quantitative funds, those which rely on trend-following models instead of fundamental research from humans, now account for 20% of the market share, according to estimates from J.P. Morgan.

This means so much of stock trading is now in the hands of automated buyers and sellers that the market is increasingly sensitive to headlines and more prone to sharp price swings, many notable investors believe. Omega Advisors founder Leon Cooperman previously said computer trading is creating a “Wild West” with the markets, calling for an investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

 *Brexit 3 Years Later: Dire Warnings for UK Economy Have Proved Wrong:

Pollsters had heart palpitations in June 2016 as the people of Great Britain voted to leave the European Union. A dismayed media spouted speculative hysteria about the British economy that spread faster than a fire at a match factory. Three years after the June 23, 2016, referendum, however, the establishment in Westminster remains incapable of admitting it was wrong. The reality is that the uncertainty surrounding Brexit has had little obvious effect on the British economy. Despite doomsday predictions, the British economy since the Brexit vote has not lived down to Brexit opponents’ expectations and has managed to outperform and outrank the other large economies of the European Union. According to The Heritage Foundation’s 2019 Index of Economic Freedom, the United Kingdom has the world’s seventh-freest economy and scored more than 10 points higher than the regional average.

Three economies that have been integral to the European Common Market since its inception, GermanyFrance, and Italy, by contrast, ranked 24th, 71th, and 80th, respectively. The United Kingdom’s economy grew at an annualized rate of 1.4 percent in the first quarter of 2019. At first blush, that number isn’t particularly impressive, but it quickly becomes commendable when compared with economic performances across the English Channel and parroted economic forecasts. France grew 0.9 percent and Germany grew 0.6 percent in the first quarter, while Italy registered no growth at all. The entire eurozone grew at only 1.1 percent. Despite predictions of gross domestic product losses of up to or greater than 5 percent, the British economy has grown every quarter since the referendum.

Unemployment is below 4 percent, the lowest it’s been since the early 1970s, according to the Office for National Statistics. The unemployment rate in Britain is half the eurozone rate (7.8%), and less than half of Italy’s and France’s at 10.2 percent and 8.8 percent unemployment, respectively. Some 800,000 new jobs have been added since the referendum despite the U.K. Treasury’s predictions of job losses of up to 500,000 after the people voted “leave.”

 *California Set to Provide Health Care to Some People Living in U.S. Illegally:

California is set to become the first state to provide government-funded health care to people who are living in the U.S. illegally. State lawmakers agreed to a budget deal Sunday afternoon that will open up its Medicaid program to undocumented low-income adults between the ages of 19 and 25. “California believes that health is a fundamental right,” said State Sen. Holly Mitchell, a Los Angeles Democrat who led the budget negotiations.

Officials have estimated the program will cover around 90,000 people and cost the state around $98 million. The budget agreement must now be approved by the full state legislature. Lawmakers had to enact a budget by midnight on June 15 or risk losing their pay.


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A very expensive computer ad, 1980’s.


Amy Winehouse, 2003.


Jeffrey D. Hatchell, Established Author and Motivational Speaker, Gets People Engaged with Book “The Inspired Career”

Many people in the workplace today believe that they may be great but don’t always bring that greatness to work, and consequently, they tend to stagnate while others flourish and pass them up on the corporate ladder. However, Jeffrey D. Hatchell reveals in his book “The Inspired Career” what activities people can do every day to increase their value within a company.

Jeffrey D. Hatchell is a certified executive coach, a corporate facilitator and a motivational speaker. He focuses on leadership development through executive coaching, team building workshops and motivational speaking. His company “Over the Top Coaching” won the prestigious award of Supplier of the Year by the Northern California Supplier Development Council. He has more than 20 years of experience working at Fortune 500 organizations in sales management and leadership roles, including working as Director of Sales Performance with American Express. Recently, his book “The Inspired Career” (http://www.theinspiredcareerbook.com/) has been making waves in online communities wanting to improve communication in the workplace.

Executives from some of America‘s top corporations are praising the novel as the year’s must-read book for the person who is not satisfied with their career and want more out of their vocation. “One of the best motivational career and leadership books without the fluff,” states Keith Wyche, Former CEO of Acme Markets and Best-Selling author of “Good is Not Enough,” “The messages were not only timely, but speak to those ‘soft’ skills that are often overlooked or misunderstood. Should be required reading for all young and experienced professionals.”


Welcome to Episode #3 of the revealing TV show “Without Notes” with Judith Regan, an American editor, book publisher, and producer – Episode 3: https://youtu.be/PlHp2XPyDi0


Chef Laila Gohar along with 12 members of the White Housestaff, 3 Nobel Prize winners, over 100 Academy Awardwinners, 6 U.S. Senators, and over 300 Grammy Awardwinners.


June 30, 2019

*Horns Are Growing on Human Skulls Because of Phone Use—Here’s How that Happens:

It’s no secret that your cell phone can disrupt your health. But here’s a potential risk of cell phone use you may not have seen coming: A new study suggests our skeletons are adapting to our handheld device obsession. How so? By helping us adjust to a position that most of us who are constantly checking our emails are familiar with: phone in hand, head bent down. Researchers from Australia say cell phones might be the reason young adults are developing “enlarged external occipital protuberance” (EEOP). The occipital bone is the main bone of the lower part of the skull. What the scientists are saying is that our bodies are adjusting to worsening posture by growing a spike at the base of our skulls to relieve pressure induced by hours spent hunched over our phones.

Researchers wanted to know how prevalent this adaptation may be. Overall, 33% of the 1,200 men and women, ages 18 to 86, in the study exhibited EEOP. The researchers’ conclusions were published in the journal Scientific Reports. The new report cites previously published survey results in a population of Canadian university students, faculty, and staff. The survey found that participants spend an average of 4.65 hours a day on a hand-held device. Sixty-eight percent of participating students reported having neck pain. “We hypothesize that the use of modern technologies and hand-held devices may be primarily responsible for these postures and subsequent development of adaptive robust cranial features in our sample,” the researchers wrote.

*PISSED OFF! – Americans Say We’re Angrier Than A Generation Ago:

Nearly 9 in 10 Americans say people are more likely to express anger on social media than in person. Do you find yourself getting ticked off more often than you used to? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone. Some 84% of people surveyed said Americans are angrier today compared with a generation ago, according to the latest NPR-IBM Watson Health poll. When asked about their own feelings, 42% of those polled said they were angrier in the past year than they had been further back in time. Anger can have an effect on health. “I think of anger as a health risk,” says Dr. Anil Jain, vice president and chief health information officer at IBM Watson Health. “The fact that the survey showed that we have a generation of Americans who believe that they are more angry than they were a generation ago tells me that this is going to lead to some consequences from a health point of view.”

 *COME AND GET IT – Federal Agencies Left Private Data Open to Cyberattacks for a Decade, Says Senate Report:

Multiple federal agencies kept up an outdated security system over the past decade that left Americans‘ personal information vulnerable to theft, according to a damning new Senate report out Tuesday. The Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations found the failures came from the Departments of StateHomeland SecurityHealth and Human Services,TransportationEducationAgricultureHousing and Urban Development, and the Social Security Administration.

The Hill reports all eight agencies used outdated “legacy systems,” with six failing to install system patches when they should have, and seven failing to provide adequate protections. One of the most significant failings came from the Social Security Administration, which risked leaking the personal information of more than 60 million Americans. Subcommittee Chairman Rob Portman (R-OH) said the agencies “failed at implementing basic cybersecurity practices, leaving classified, personal, and sensitive information unsafe and vulnerable to theft.”

 *New High in U.S. Say Immigration Most Important Problem:

Americans‘ concern with immigration continues to be heightened, as 23% name it the most important problem facing the country. This is by one percentage point the highest Galluphas ever measured for the issue since it first began recording mentions of immigration in 1993. The June 3-16 poll was conducted as the U.S. continues to grapple with how to handle a surge of Central American immigrants at the U.S.-Mexican border. Gallup has previously found spikes in mentions of immigration as the most important U.S. problem at other times when the immigration debate intensified, including:  

***22% in July 2018 amid controversy over a U.S. policy to separate children and parents who were trying to enter the U.S. illegally.    

***17% in July 2014, when a wave of young immigrants from Central American countries crossed the U.S. border illegally.  

 ***19% in April 2006 as the Senate worked toward passage of a comprehensive immigration reform bill it later passed but ultimately was not considered by the House of Representatives.

 *Why Is California So Unattractive Compared to Texas?:

Time for another edition of our long-running battle between the Lone Star State and the Golden State. Except it’s not really a battle since one side seems determined to lose. For instance, Mark Perry of the American Enterprise Institute often uses extensive tables filled with multiple variables when comparing high-performing states and low-performing states. But when comparing California and Texas, sometimes all you need is one data source because it makes a very powerful point. Which is what he recently did with that data on one-way U-Haul rental rates between California cities and Texas cities.

There’s a very obvious takeaway from this data, as Mark explains. “… there is a huge premium for trucks leaving California for Texas and a huge discount for trucks leaving Texas for California. … U-Haul’s one-way truck rental rates are market-based to reflect relative demand and relative supply. In California there’s a relatively low supply of trucks available and a relatively high demand for trucks destined for Texas; in Texas there’s a relatively high supply of trucks and a relatively low demand for trucks going to California. Therefore, U-Haul charges 3-4 times more for one-way truck rentals going fromSan Francisco or LA to Houston or Dallas than vice-versa based on what must be a huge net outflow of trucks leaving California (leading to low inventory) and a net inflow of trucks arriving in Texas (leading to high inventory). … in 2016 … the ratios for the same matched cities were much smaller, 2.2 to 2.4 to 1, suggesting that the outbound migration from California to Texas as reflected in one-way U-Haul truck rental rates must have accelerated over the last three years.”

So why is California so unattractive compared to Texas? To answer that question, this map from the Tax Foundation is a good place to start. It shows that California has the most punitive income tax of any state, while Texas is one of the sensible states with no income tax.

 *Federal Employees Hit Highest Number Since Obama Left Office:

The number of people employed by the federal government rose from 2,811,000 in April to 2,815,000 in May, an increase of 4,000 that put the number of federal workers at the highest level since President Barack Obama left office, according to data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In December 2016, the last month before President Donald Trump was inaugurated, the federal government employed 2,817,000, according to BLS. In January 2017, that dropped to 2,810,000. In the time that President Donald Trump has been in office, federal employment hit a low of 2,792,000 in February and March of 2018, but has since risen by 23,000 to the current 2,815,000.

Federal employment hit an all-time high of 3,435,000 in May 1990, when George H.W. Bush was president. While federal government employment was increasing by 4,000 during May, overall government employment in the United States was dropping by 15,000—declining from 22,529,000 in April to 22,514 in May. State government employment dropped by 10,000—declining from 5,178,000 in April to 5,168,000 in May. Local government employment declined by 9,000—declining from 14,540,000 in April to 14,531,000 in May. Overall government employment in the United States peaked at 22,996,000 in May 2010, according to the historical data published by the BLS. Since then, it has declined to 22,514,000—a drop of 482,000.


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Benjamin Franklin‘s daily routine that he wrote when he was 20 years-old. (1726)


Comedian Tracy Morgan along with 12 members of the White House staff, 3 Nobel Prize winners, over 100 Academy Award winners, 6 U.S. Senators, and over 300 Grammy Award winners.