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May 15, 2019

*Will Political Correctness Kill
Classic Movies?:

The rise of political correctness can be seen across movie screens this weekend.  “The Hustle,” a gender-swap remake of 1988’s “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels,” rails against the patriarchy between sight gags. “Avengers: Endgame” shoehorns a minor gay character into the story as a super-virtue-signal. “Long Shot” shows Seth Rogen apologizing for the United Statesbombing Japan to help end World War II. Even older films, and the stars who made them great, are now seen through the PC prism. Just ask the estate of John Wayne. The legendary star got pummeled a few months ago, decades after his passing, for a racially insensitive Playboy interview in 1971. Some critics demanded that his name be stripped from John Wayne Airport in Orange County, Calif.

Singer Kate Smith’s film career is dwarfed by her radio, TV and stage accomplishments. Yet Smith’s recording of two 1930s songs deemed racist convinced two professional sports teams — the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Flyers— to strip her iconic rendition of “God Bless America” from their programming. It’s easy to imagine the culture attempting to do something similar to films that don’t mirror today’s cultural mores. Molly Ringwald, who brought some of John Hughes’s best films to life, turned on her collaborator last year, saying that his films weren’t “woke” enough in our “Me Too” era.

Those films primarily hit theaters in the 1980s. So what about older films? Would any modern studio greenlight 1974’s “Blazing Saddles,” the Mel Brooks farce teeming with racial and sexual humor? What about James Bond‘s early adventures, in which 007 treated female characters in a sexist fashion? Even a comedy classic such as 1959’s “Some Like It Hot,” featuring two men dressed in drag, could be insensitive given modern mores.

Could problematic films eventually be pulled from home video and streaming services? Sound hysterical? It’s currently in vogue to tear down statues that don’t align with current groupthink. So why would pop culture artifacts be spared? In fact, it’s already been done.

Two years ago, a Memphis theater nixed a screening of the 1939 classic “Gone with the Wind” because of its “insensitive” content. Disney’s Oscar-winning “Song of the South” won’t be seen on the company’s forthcoming streaming platform. The 1946 film’s antiquated, and some say racist, portrayal of black life turned the movie into cultural poison. It’s never made it to home video, and that’s unlikely to change in the near future.

 *Why Doris Day Won’t Have a Funeral:

Doris Day won’t be having a funeral, simply because she “didn’t like death.” “No funeral, no memorial and no [grave] marker,” her manager Bob Bashara said. “She didn’t like death, and she couldn’t be with her animals if they had to be put down,” he added. “She had difficulty accepting death.”

“I’d say we need to provide for her dogs [after she died], and she’d say, ‘I don’t want to think about it’ and she said, ‘Well, you just take care of them.’ She had several when her will was written, and she wanted to be sure they were taken care of. She didn’t like to talk about the dogs dying.” Day died on Monday at 97 years old. She is best known for her Oscar-winning movie, “Pillow Talk” and her role in “Calamity Jane” among her other 30-plus films. She later became an animal rights activist.

 *DANGEROUS Bureaucrats! – Flint, Michigan Administrators Mismanaged Clean Water Funds, Hired Firm With No Experience Replacing Pipes:

A new report claims that the city of Flint, Michigan, which has suffered from a headline-commanding water crisis for half a decade, may have steered tens of millions in aid money meant to help replace lead water pipes to a contractor that had no experience, but who did have a close relationship with Flint city officials. The controversy may go straight to the top: to the Flint mayor’s office. The report that $22 million in “water crisis aid” was directed to a company with ties to city officials, even though that company didn’t have experience replacing leaded water pipes — what the aid money was meant to help do.

Administrators in charge of the project also ignored cost-saving models that would have allowed water replacement companies to test for older pipes before digging up huge swaths of land, opting instead to follow a plan that had contractors digging up yard after yard to replace water pipes, even if they found copper or new piping underground. “The city prohibited contractors from using an efficient method of digging holes known as hydrovac excavation,” a Flint councilwoman said. “That leveled the playing field for a contractor, WT Stevens, with no experience or the appropriate equipment — and let it bill far more to taxpayers, she says. All of these factors, [the councilwoman] adds, needlessly led to more waiting for anyone who actually has lead pipes.”

 *Kennedy Family Members Hit Out at RFK Jr. Over His Anti-Vaxx
Conspiracy Theories:

The most famous family in American political history is at war over anti-vaxxing. Three Kennedys have co-authored a piece for Politico that hits out at Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who they say is leading a “misinformation campaign that’s having heartbreaking—and deadly—consequences.” RFK Jr.—the son of the assassinated Virginia senator and former attorney general—is one of the country’s most prominent anti-vaccine activists and has previously called the inoculations “a holocaust” and accused drug makers, the government, and the press of being in cahoots to hide danger from the public.

In their article, Kathleen Kennedy TownsendJoseph P. Kennedy II, and Maeve Kennedy McKean write: “We love Bobby. He is one of the great champions of the environment … However, on vaccines he is wrong.” They went on: “[RFK Jr.] is part of this campaign to attack the institutions committed to reducing the tragedy of preventable infectious diseases. He has helped to spread dangerous misinformation over social media and is complicit in sowing distrust of the science behind vaccines.”

 *America Is a Global Hotbed of Climate-Change Denial: Poll:

The United States has a higher proportion of climate-change deniers or doubters than almost anywhere else on Earth, according to a new poll. A 23-country survey carried out by the YouGov-Cambridge Globalism Project revealed that only the populations of Saudi Arabia and Indonesia have higher levels of climate-change denial than the one recorded in America. A total of 13 percent of Americans polled agreed that climate is changing “but human activity is not responsible at all;” a further 5 percent said that they didn’t believe the climate was changing at all.

Americans were also more likely than people in any other Western country surveyed to say they didn’t know whether the climate was changing or if people were responsible—a position held by 13 percent of those polled. However, a huge majority of U.S. citizens do accept the science of climate change, The Guardian reports, with nearly four in 10 saying human activity was at least partially responsible. A further third responded that they believe human activity is the main cause of climate change.

 *CREEP – Stormy Daniels’ Shocking Confession: I’m Not Sure Trump Is Worse Than Avenatti:

This week, Stormy Daniels cycled through a lifetime’s worth of material at the first stop of her tell-all tour. “An Intimate Evening with Stormy Daniels” quickly revealed itself to be an opportunity for Daniels to set the record straight—or, as she explained during the inaugural performance at Stand Up NY, “I can say whatever the f*** I want and nobody can stop me.”

Daniels went on to breeze through a number of questions aboutMichael Avenatti, her recently indicted former attorney. Asked if she was ever attracted to Avenatti, Daniels revealed that she was actually never alone with her ex-lawyer—“not once.” Besides, she quipped, “he thought he was prettier—that’s a huge problem for me.” Responding to a follow-up—who’s a better person, Trump or Avenatti?—Daniels seemed uncharacteristically stumped, conceding, “I don’t know.”

 *Seattle School District Wants Teachers To Bless Muslims During Ramadan:

A school district in Seattle has sent out a letter asking teachers to bless its Muslim students in Arabic during the month of Ramadan and give them preferential treatment, such as obtaining dispensations for classes and exams.

In response to the letter, the religious liberty legal defense group Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund (FCDF), has threatened the Dieringer School District with a potential lawsuit for violating the conscience of its employees. FCDF alleges that the district followed edicts put forward by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) that advises schools to accommodate Muslim students by wishing them “Ramadan Mubarak” (Happy Ramadan) or “Ramadan Kareem” (Have a generous Ramadan). The edicts also instruct teachers to respect the Ramadan fast by not scheduling any tests during the holidays of Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha.

Daniel Piedra, FCDF’s executive director, said in a statement that the Seattle-area school district is violating teachers’ First Amendment rights by exerting pressure upon them to engage in religious speech with which they do not agree. Piedra argues that the district would never advise teachers to accommodate Christian students in such a similar manner.

“By urging teachers to bless Muslim students in Arabic, the district is running roughshod over the First Amendment’s mandate of government neutrality toward religion,” said Piedra. “A school district would never order teachers to ‘welcome’ Catholic students during Easter with ‘He is risen, alleluia!’ Singling out Muslim students for special treatment is blatantly unconstitutional.”


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Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) is the only U.S. president who was also a licensed bartender. He was co-owner of Berry and Lincoln, a saloon in Springfield, Illinois.


Welcome to Episode #1 of the revealing TV show “Without Notes” with Judith Regan, an American editor, book publisher, and producer – Episode 1: The Early Years:


1944 renderings by the U.S. government of possible disguises Hitler might attempt.


Dr. Srini Pillay, Best-Selling Author, Discusses the Epidemic of “Performative” Care

Although caring is fundamental to human society and how people live with their loved ones, Srini Pillay and Bob Gowerhave noticed a disturbing, predatory trend that they believe is destroying the authenticity of society. They call the trend “performative care” or pseudo-care. It’s described as the situation when a person demonstrates care for secondary personal gain — a kind of pathological altruism.

“Though leaders and businesses who practice performative care will frequently talk about ‘empathy’ or ‘making the world a better place’ which are excellent values — when authentic,” explains Pillay, “but they become performative when they are used primarily to garner approval or to sell an idea.”

Srini Pillay, M.D. is the founder and CEO of NeuroBusiness Group, voted one of the Top 20 movers and shakers in leadership development in the world by Training Industry. He has worked with leaders internationally in many Fortune 500companies, and is currently an invited member of The Consortium for Advanced Adult Learning and Development (CAALD) at McKinsey &Co. and The Tranformational Leadership Council (TLC). Meanwhile, Bob Gower is the co-founder of Ethical Ventures, a consulting firm that helps organizations eliminate waste and align behind coherent and unified strategies so they can do more with less.

The two agree that in order to identify performative caring, people should listen for an earnestness that is intended to attract people, but actually grates against them. A common sign is someone who has adopted some facet of caring like “empathy” or “empowerment” as part of their core brand identity and presents this with an air of persuasion.

“You will hear it on stage, or see it on social media where it often acts as a mask for anger or selfishness. Usually these folks are trying to sell a product or run for office,” continues Pillay, “and often, the call for greater caring is accompanied by other inauthentic self-descriptions like ‘I just want to get real’, when the person is doing anything but getting real.”


Prominent entertainment industry consultant Johnny Buc Lockwood along with 12 members of the White House staff, 3 Nobel Prize winners, over 100 Academy Award winners, 6 U.S. Senators, and over 300 Grammy Award winners.


May 12, 2019

*SNOWFLAKES IN CHARGE! Universities Nationwide Remove Historical Artwork Deemed Offensive:

A major nationwide trend on campuses is the removal of historic artwork depicting prominent figures or scenes that are deemed offensive or racist by today’s standards. The censorship is getting wider in scope. Controversial historical figures like Christopher Columbus and Woodrow Wilson have consistently drawn student outrage and protest, as have Confederate monuments, but other more beloved figures like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are also beginning to attract controversy.

There are many examples in recent years of universities removing or censoring artwork that has been accused of being derogatory, disrespectful, hurtful or racist, according to a survey by The College Fix. Campus activists have aimed their protests at a variety of murals, statues, and other forms of artwork, demanding that they be taken down or covered up because their presences represent some sort of danger to students on campus. Oftentimes, administrators agree.

Perhaps the most prominent example has been the ongoing controversy over the Silent Sam statue at UNC. The statue was torn down at the beginning of this school year by a group of protesters. Subsequent protests also saw violence and an increased police presence on campus. The school’s compromise plan to create a history center was shot down by the Board of Governors, and it now appears that the statue will remain off of the school’s campus.

Additionally, a student at North Carolina Central University toppled a Confederate statue on campus, and the University of Louisville moved a Confederate statue to a Civil War site in Brandenburg, KY. In 2017, The College Fix reported on more than a dozen universities that took action to censor Confederate-era artwork. But beyond Confederate controversies, two consistent themes concern the depiction of African Americans and Native Americans, and how prominent figures in American history are portrayed.

*New York Times Blames Wine Consumers for Climate Change, Issues Instructions for Researching Vineyards:

Wine drinkers contribute to climate change when they don’t do proper research and make the right purchase decisions, The New York Times warns in a how-to guide published Tuesday. In its “How Does Your Love of Wine Contribute to Climate Change?” The Times says the wine industry is “a microcosm of larger society” when it comes to climate change, so wine lovers must do their part to save the planet: “That industry is simply a microcosm of larger society. Just as politicians have little incentive to address climate change unless voters require it, many wine producers are less inclined to reduce their own carbon footprints unless consumers demonstrate that such steps are important to them.”

The Times advises wine buyers to research winemakers to find answers to questions like: Do they plow or till, or do they have a crop cover? Do they mow their crop cover, instead of rolling it? Do they make and use their own organic compost? Do they still use combustion engines, or have they switched to electric or hybrid vehicles? Do they use chemical sprays? Do they “promote biodiversity and soil life?” Do they use renewable fuels? Do they catch and store the carbon they produce? What energy source do they use? What are their water management practices? “These are the many questions that consumers would need to address in judging a producer’s carbon output,” The New York Times says.

 *80 Percent of Persecuted Religious Believers Are Christians:

Eighty percent of religious believers who are being persecuted around the world are Christians, and in some regions the scale and nature of the persecution approaches the international definition of genocide, according to a new report commissioned by Britain’s foreign office. “The main impact of such genocidal acts against Christians is exodus,” says the report’s author, the Anglican Bishop of Truro in southwest EnglandPhilip Mountstephen.

Christianity now faces the possibility of being wiped out in parts of the Middle East where its roots go back furthest.” The report released Thursday says the proportion of Christians in the Middle East and North Africa – a predominantly Muslimregion – has dropped from around 20 percent of the total population a century ago to some four percent today. In Iraq, the number of Christians has plummeted from 1.5 million early this century to less than 120,000 today.

It examines the treatment of Christians across parts of Africa, the Middle East and Asia, and turns a spotlight on many governments, among them Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar,Iraq, Nigeria, and Algeria. The report found that “high levels of persecution” were taking place in 50 countries, affecting some 245 million Christians. That’s more than ten percent of the world’s estimated 2.3 billion Christians.

 *Kevin Costner Angry At American Politics: ‘Shame On Us’:

Actor Kevin Costner is angry about America‘s political landscape and says that our selfishness has transformed the country away from its former greatness. “The political landscape is unrecognizable to me, and shame on us for being in that spot,” the actor told Variety. “That could change overnight, not because of a vote, but because people say, ‘I want to try to be more than about myself.’ That’s the definition of public service.”

Costner went on to say that the American experiment will always be great but that greatness will cease if politics continue down this path. “This is the greatest experiment in humankind: America,” he said. “This great idea about America still exists, it’s still here. People still want to come here, but we’re not first in hardly anything that matters and we have an inflated idea about how we are. We exaggerate about what we are. We are everything that’s great and we are everything that’s human. And our humanness and our level of selfishness is overtaking our chance to be great.”

 *29% of Black Democratic Female Likely Voters Favorable or
Neutral on Trump:

A new survey of black Democratic women likely to vote in the 2020 Democratic presidential primaries showed that 29% of them “had a favorable or neutral opinion of Donald Trump,” which is a “much different picture than the one portrayed in most media,” said VoterLabs. VoterLabs conducted the survey of 689 black Democratic female voters likely to vote in the primaries between April 19 and April 24. This was before Joe Biden announced he was entering the race.

As reported, “29% of respondents had a favorable or neutral opinion of Donald Trump,” said VoterLabs. “Of those polled 16% responded that they ‘really like him’ or ‘he’s okay,’ with an additional almost 13% unsure or undecided, a much different picture than the one portrayed in most media.”

 *Warren Buffett’s Case for Capitalism:

It is called “Woodstock for Capitalists” for a reason.  More than 40,000 investors descended on Omaha this weekend for Berkshire Hathaway’s annual meeting, in celebration of an economic model that has come under attack over the past year by political leaders like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as well as billionaires who warn that capitalism could lead to “class warfare.” The most prominent face of capitalism — Warren Buffett, the avuncular founder of Berkshire and the fourth wealthiest person in the world, worth some $89 billion — appeared to distance himself from many of his peers, who have been apologizing for capitalism of late.

“I’m a card-carrying capitalist,” Mr. Buffett said. “I believe we wouldn’t be sitting here except for the market system,” he added, extolling the state of the economy. “I don’t think the country will go into socialism in 2020 or 2040 or 2060.” There is something oddly refreshing about Mr. Buffett’s frankness.

 *Nikki Haley: UN Is ‘Wasteful,’ ‘Bureaucratic,’ a ‘Lot of Talk’:

When asked about the efficacy of the United Nations during a segment of “The Ben Shapiro Show Sunday Special” on Sunday with host Ben Shapiro, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said that the U.N. is “wasteful,” “bureaucratic,” a “lot of talk.”

“It’s wasteful; it’s bureaucratic; it’s a lot of talk and not as much action,” stated former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley. “There’s resentment. We’re being taken advantage of, but we would not have gotten those three North Korean sanctions packages and had the international community all on the same page against North Korea without the U.N.”

 *Zuhdi Jasser: ‘Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib Are Normalizing’
Radical Islamism:

Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, president of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, warned that Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) are “normalizing” Islamism in Americanpolitics and culture, offering his remarks in a Tuesday interview on SiriusXM’s News Daily with host Alex Marlow.

Marlow invited Jasser’s comments on a Friday report of a video depicting Muslim children wearing Palestinian attire and singing jihadist songs and shared on the Muslim American Society Islamic Center in Philadelphia’s (MAS Philly)Facebook page. “People see these clips and they think it’s just an aberration or a one-off,” said Jasser. “Even the bizarre Philadelphia Enquirer had the temerity to have a reporter report after this was going viral that the heads of the school said this was an oversight and it wasn’t properly vetted. The only thing that wasn’t properly vetted was that some parent posted that.”


An incredible 84% of LBN Examiner readers in all 50 of the United States and 26 foreign countries find the news in LBN Examiner —- “fearlessly independent” and “unbiased”.


Left-handedness is twice as common in twins than in the general population.


Abe Lincoln served as president for 4 years, and 4 years can feel like a very, very long time.


Welcome to Episode #1 of the revealing TV show “Without Notes” with Judith Regan, an American editor, book publisher, and producer – Episode 1: The Early Years:


Brett Vance, Host of TV’s Jet Jockeys, Discusses the Devastating Impact of Military Pilot Shortages

It’s no secret that the Air Force is short on pilots. In fact, at the end of 2018, the service was in need of roughly 2,000 pilots. However, a new study the Defense Department delivered to Congress sheds more light on the makeup of the shortage and the exact challenges the Air Force and DoD have in digging out of the hole.

“Pilot shortages in the military are a recurring problem,” explains Brett Vance, host of TV’s Jet Jockeys, “As a career fighter pilot and test pilot in the Air Force, I have personally seen these pilot manning numbers swing to both sides of the pendulum several times. With booming economies, pilots are attracted to the generally higher-paying civilian jobs, such as the major airlines or large aircraft manufacturers. In contracting economies, pilots gravitate toward the security of a military career, despite the seemingly constant deployments.”

Brett Vance is the host of TV’s Jet Jockeys, an upcoming docu-reality series focusing on pilots and the planes they fly. In it, Vance does for aviation enthusiasts what Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs has done for the dignity of the trades and what Neil de Grasse Tyson of Cosmos has done for our sense of wonder about the universe. The sacrifices, accomplishments, and challenges of pilots are front and center in each episode, and leadership and bravery are commonly addressed. Basically, it’s the perfect show for any aviation enthusiast, a title Brett Vance gladly owns and wears.

The newest pilot shortage study tackles the issue from seven different angles including pilot quality of life, quality of service, what it would take to increase the pilot training pipeline and how feasible a “pilot-only career track” would be. It states that the Air Force and DoD are attacking the pilot issue from all angles, but it’s a long and expensive road ahead and even then, it still seems to be a losing battle.


Michael Milken, founder of the Milken Institute along with 12 members of the White House staff, 3 Nobel Prize winners, over 100 Academy Award winners, 6 U.S. Senators, and over 300 Grammy Award winners.


May 8, 2019

*WATCH: Kids In Philadelphia Muslim Society: ‘We Will Chop Off Their Heads’ For Allah:

Shocking footage of children in a Philadelphia Islamic center has emerged that shows them saying that they would “chop off…heads” for Allah. “The Muslim American Society (MAS)Islamic Center in Philadelphia posted the video to its Facebookpage celebrating ‘Ummah Day‘ in which young children wearing Palestinian scarves sang and read poetry about killing for Allah and the mosque in Jerusalem,” Fox News reported. “One girl talks about martyrs sacrificing their lives without hesitation to conquer Jerusalem.”

“We will defend the land of divine guidance with our bodies, and we will sacrifice our souls without hesitation,” another girl says. “We will chop off their heads, and we will liberate the sorrowful and exalted Al-Aqsa Mosque. We will lead the army of Allah fulfilling His promise, and we will subject them to eternal torture.”

In a statement to Fox News, MEMRI wrote: “These are not isolated incidents; they are happening in major centers of the country – including in Pennsylvania.” Fox News added that MAS did not respond to a request for comment about the video.


The video sparked reaction online from some in the Muslim community, including Imam Mohamad Tawhidi, who tweeted: “We warn the West from what we fled from in the Middle East, but the West doesn’t want to listen. This is your next generation.”

 *’This Stings!’ How Obama saw Trump’s Victory as a ‘Personal Insult,’ Watched the Movie Dr. Strange to Distract Himself from Election:

Barack Obama admitted ‘this stings’ after the 2016 election result and spent the night watching the movie Dr Strange to try and distract himself, a new book claims. The former president went from being confident that Hillary Clinton would beat Donald Trump to seeing it as a ‘personal insult’ that she lost. Obama could not believe the American people had ‘turned on him’ for a man he had written off as a ‘cartoon’. As the dust settled Obama told his family that ‘this hurts’ and blamed Clinton who ‘brought many of her troubles on herself’ and ran a ‘scripted, soulless campaign’.

The eye-popping details are in the new edition of ‘Obama: The Call Of History‘ by New York Times chief White Housecorrespondent Peter Baker. The book was originally released in July 2017 but has been updated with extensive new reporting throughout Obama’s time in office – and the run through of election day is electrifying.

 *Hollywood Power Lawyer Bryan 
Freedman Slams HBO:

Bryan Freedman, an attorney for the Michael Jackson estate, said in response that HBO is “afraid to have this matter adjudicated because it will expose the falsity of the documentary.”

“The Jackson Estate wants an arbitration open to the public for all to see,” Freedman continued. “If HBO thinks the contract does not apply or is expired then why are they opposing adjudicating it? The reason why is because they know they were complicit in this one-sided farce of a money grab that clearly violates the agreement.”

“Now they are trying to delay the inevitable beating that they will suffer when this matter is adjudicated. It won’t work. Stay tuned because at least we are offering them a chance to tell their side of the story unlike they did in the creation of the one-sided fiction intended to disparage Michael Jackson. Let this be a warning to all talent that HBO will disregard the truth and distribute fictitious one-sided content in violation of the artists’ rights it promised to protect. Make no mistake, HBO will be held responsible for its reprehensible conduct.”

 *San Francisco Will Spend More Than $70 Million This Year Just To
Clean Up Poop:

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the city has spent more than $70 million cleaning feces and drug paraphernalia from streets and sidewalks this fiscal year, but it’s nowhere near what is needed to make San Francisco‘s streets safe for pedestrians. The city says crews are operating constantly, trying to get the “poop problem” that plagues San Francisco’s streets under control, but even as the city finds new and innovative ways for residents to report and avoid piles of feces on public sidewalks, the poop problem, they say, keeps growing.

The Daily Wire‘s Hank Berrien reported recently that a “poop map” of San Francisco’s dirty deposits shows a city under siege from feces. The interactive map of the San Francisco area shows all 118,352 incidents of public poop since 2011 and demonstrates the sharp increase in poop-related incidents that San Francisco has suffered over the last eight years.

No neighborhood is spared; although the “Tenderloin” district is the worst for sidewalk feces, posh areas like Nob Hill had their fair share of reports as well. Now, the Chronicle reports, San Francisco is facing a unique development in the feces problem: homelessness appears to be abating and the tent cities responsible for most of the filth seem to be thinning out, thanks to new city efforts at housing at-risk populations in public buildings. “Tent camps” have shrunk by at least 10%.

*Anjelica Huston tears into Diane Keaton, Robert De Niro:

Anjelica Huston managed to diss Diane KeatonRobert De Niro and even Oprah Winfrey in a new interview with New York Magazine. “The Addams Family” star said that these days she’s only interested in films “that aren’t apologetically humble or humiliating, like ‘Band of cheerleaders gets back together for one last hurrah.’ ” (That’s the plot of Keaton’s “band of cheerleaders” movie “Poms,” which opens next week.) Meanwhile, the legendary actress and Hollywood royal mused that older actors, such as De Niro, do lesser films for the dough.

“Although, how big can this nut be?” she wondered of De Niro. “I guess he has maybe a couple of ex-wives, right? Not many, but what does this fellow spend his money on? He’s got Nobu. He’s got the Tribeca Film Festival — he’s not spending the film money on that.” She added, “I don’t want to see Jack [Nicholson] doing ‘Meet the Fockers.’ ” Al Pacino, she quipped, “does some schlock,” but he’s “ more experimental.”
Of Winfrey, Huston revealed: “She never had me on her show, ever. She won’t talk to me.”


An incredible 84% of LBN Examiner readers in all 50 of the United States and 26 foreign countries find the news in LBN Examiner —- “fearlessly independent” and “unbiased”.


The Beatles play for 18 people in The Aldershot Club, December, 1961. They were to become superstars in one and a half year.


Welcome to Episode #1 of the revealing TV show “Without Notes” with Judith Regan, an American editor, book publisher, and producer – Episode 1: The Early Years:


Jeff Maxwell and Ryan Patrick cut deep into the bowels of the iconic CBS Mega-hit, M*A*S*H. Nine years in the role of Private Igor, the beleaguered cook at the 4077, Maxwell provides behind-the-scenes tidbits as only a cast member can. Patrick, an Illinois radio personality and marketing genius, offers the squishy, emotional component available only from a life-long, devoted fan. Along with the hosts’ perspectives, M*A*S*H writers, producers, cast members, and even listeners drop in as featured guests to share their unique experiences and opinions. 

Enlist today and explore with Jeff and Ryan why M*A*S*H did, does, and continues to matter in 2019. That’s an order!

“OMG…never heard the MASH Matters podcast before. So much insight, backstage stories. I sat at my desk for an hour glued to my laptop.” —Lee Heft
“The combination of Ryan’s knowledge of the show and the inside first-hand experiences of Jeff; not to mention his great sense of humor, make for a perfect combination. Keep up the great work!” –“Muggs
“Awesome!!! So glad to hear ‘Nurse Kellye’ say that she is officially in remission. Love her giggle. Great show, thank you!” —Lori Petruno Gorski
“I’m only halfway through the podcast, and I’m just loving it. What a delight!” —Stan Peal
“I recommend this podcast for anyone who even remotely likes M*A*S*H. Insightful, informative and FUN!” —John Hunt


Kimlin Johnson, Acclaimed Author & Civil Rights Activist, is Named as One of 50 Phenomenal Black Women in the Field of STEM

Acclaimed author of “Authenticity, Accountability & Ambitions: Speaking the Truth Through a Black Woman’s Eyes (AAA),” and Civil Rights activist, Kimlin Charise Johnson was recently named as one of 50 Phenomenal Black Women in the Field of STEM. The award is being given to Kimlin by the Los Angeles Council of Black Professional Engineers (LACBPE) on May 10, 2019 at their 50 year awards and scholarship banquet (

Kimlin Johnson has been a project engineer at the Los Angeles County Sanitation District ( in Environmental Engineering for over 23 years. In 2017, she started her own non-profit called the B-RELYT Organization( to help undeserved youth go into the STEM field. In 2018, Kimlin published her first book, entitled “Authenticity, Accountability & Ambitions (AAA),” with the ultimate goal of making America better. All of this was done while still working full-time at the LACSD, having a husband and two children.

“One of my engineering mentors, Monique Hunter, nominated me for this honor,” explains Johnson, “Being a Black female engineer in the industry, each honoree shares similar struggles with different journeys,” states Johnson.” “I’m so honored and elated to be receiving this award. I hope that I can inspire others to chase their dreams and goals. Nothing’s impossible.”


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