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November 28, 2018

*YIKES – Scientists Ate Lego Heads to See How Long it’d Take to Poop Them Out:

Pediatricians have to deal with all kinds of interesting situations in their daily work with children, and kids eating random objects is one of them. Children just love to stick stuff in their mouths, and while parents do their best to keep tiny toys away from eager eaters there’s always a chance that something like a Lego finds its way into the stomach of a youngster.

A half-dozen pediatricians decided to see what effect, if any, a tiny yellow Lego head would have on their own bodies by volunteering to swallow them. Their findings were reported in the Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health.

The primary goal of the research was to see how long it takes for a tiny toy like a Lego to find its way through the human body. To do this, the pediatricians swallowed the toys and then monitored their bowel movements over the following days until they located the toy.

Since they were eating toys and poking through their own poop the team decided to have a bit of fun with the nomenclature. “Pre‐ingestion bowel habit was standardized by the Stool Hardness and Transit (SHAT)score,” the study read. “Participants ingested a Lego head, and the time taken for the object to be found in the participant’s stool was recorded. The primary outcome was the Found and Retrieved Time (FART) score.”

*Poll: Immigration Up Sharply as No. 1 Problem in United States:

A new survey shows that Americans view “immigration/illegal aliens” as the number one problem facing the United Statesthis month. It was cited by 21% of Americans as the most important problem and this percentage is up from 13% in October, an increase of 8 percentage points.

In the survey, Gallup asked Americans to mention the problems they view as most important. Gallup reported the answers for problems  cited by at least 3% of respondents.

At the top of the list was “immigration/illegal aliens” at 21%.

*Tito Ortiz Says Liddell Should Never Fight Again:

Tito Ortiz wants Chuck Liddell to hang it up for good — saying he doesn’t want to give The Iceman a rematch after last weekend’s beatdown and feels bad for digging a pretend grave in the cage. Tito wrecked Chuck’s face in a brutal 1st-round knockout Saturday … and says it became crystal clear to him that 48-year-old Liddell needs to stop fighting already.

“Physically, I don’t think he should [fight again]”, Ortiz says… “I’m not even going to say I will fight him again, because I don’t think he should.” In fact, The Huntington Beach Bad Boyseemed to feel sorry for Chuck after the big knockout win — apologizing for his grave-digging celebration and showering Liddell with praise.

“Chuck Liddell was a great champion, he was a great fighter, great man, great father, and I’m thankful he gave me the opportunity.” But make no mistake, Tito sure did love the result of fight night, especially after all the smack Chuck talked in the lead-up.

“People have to understand that this is personal! It was completely personal.” As for Tito’s future, Ortiz claims he’s probably done fighting — but wants to stay in the fight game. In fact, he’s already got plans to find the next Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell.

*More Millennials are Moving Back Home – and it’s Making Everyone Depressed:

More adult millennials are moving home to save money, and its making them more depressed, new research reveals.

And it’s making their parents pretty miserable too, according to other recent research.

A full third of young adults in the United States live with their parents. In fact, millennial men and women are more likely to live with mom and dad than in any other living arrangement.


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Every 10 seconds someone dies from diabetes-related causes globally. Every year nearly 3.5 million people in the world die due to diabetes. The death rate is expected to rise by 25% over the next decade.


Nearly one-third of adolescents and adults suffer from some form of anxiety disorder, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. A poll released in May by the American Psychiatric Association, meanwhile, found that 39 percent of respondents were prepared to describe themselves as more anxious than they were just a year ago. Another 39 percent say they are equally anxious, while only 19 percent feel less anxious now than they did in the recent past.


The Clinton Foundation saw contributions dry up approximately 90% over a three-year period between 2014 and 2017, according to financial statements.

The global charity is currently under investigation by the DOJ,FBI and IRS for a variety of allegations – including whether favors were handed out while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, also known as “pay for play.”

The Clinton-led State Department authorized $151 billion in Pentagon-brokered deals to 16 countries that donated to the Clinton Foundation – a 145% increase in completed sales to those nations over the same time frame during the Bush administration.


Jimmy Fallon Takes Bob Dylan to the Circus —

*EXAMINER HISTORY–The Beer Hall Putsch (1923):

Years before Adolf Hitler rose to power, he led an unsuccessful insurrection against the Weimar Republic. It began when he and his men stormed a right-wing political meeting in a Munich beer hall and coerced its leaders to join in his “revolution.” The next day, some 3,000 Nazis marched in Munich. When police responded with deadly force, the putsch was abandoned. Hitler’s treason earned him a 5-year prison sentence, of which he served only 8 months.


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U.S. Senator Ben Sasse, along with 12 members of the White House staff, 3 Nobel Prize winners, over 100 Academy Award winners, 6 U.S. Senators, and over 300 Grammy Award winners.


In ancient Egypt there lived a wise king named Thamus. One day he was visited by a clever god called Theuth. Theuth was an inventor of many useful things: arithmetic and geometry; astronomy and dice. But his greatest discovery, so he believed, “was the use of letters.” And it was this invention that Theuth was most eager to share with King Thamus.

The art of writing, Theuth said, “will make the Egyptians wiser and give them better memories; it is specific both for the memory and for the wit.” But Thamus rebuffed him. “O most ingenious Theuth,” he said, “the parent or inventor of an art is not always the best judge of the utility or inutility of his own inventions to the users of them.”

The king continued: “For this discovery of yours will create forgetfulness in the learners’ souls, because they will not use their memories; they will trust to the external written characters and not remember themselves.”

“Written words,” Thamus concluded, “give your disciples not truth, but only the semblance of truth; they will be hearers of many things but will have learned nothing; they will appear to be omniscient and will generally know nothing; they will be tiresome company, having the show of wisdom without the reality.”

Welcome to Facebook.

*EXAMINER–COMMENTARY by Salvador Litvak:

I don’t think it’s overly dramatic to characterize the current state of American society as a cold Civil War. Our population is as divided as our houses of Congress. We’ve weathered this type of condition many times, but today’s climate presents something new. We’re now demonizing one another so badly that longstanding relationships are cratering over ideological differences.

Families are becoming as bitterly divided as they were in the Civil War. Lincoln assassin John Wilkes Booth had a brotherEdwin who was a fervent Union supporter. What was theirThanksgiving like in 1864? This year’s Thanksgiving gatherings are sure to be stressful for many families. Some will awkwardly avoid politics, others will get into heated arguments that may lead to feuds and estrangements.


Everything we needed to know about Facebook was right in front of our faces, on the big screen, in 2010. Come with me on this journey back in time, to the AMC Mountainside 10, onRoute 22 in New Jersey, where I first saw “The Social Network.”

At the time, I was rooting for the young Mark Zuckerberg to get the better of the people trying to hold him back. He was an unusual movie protagonist, introverted and inconsiderate, but wasn’t it time for the geeks to take the power from the old guard? For the underdogs to beat the establishment? When I streamed the movie the other day, I found my sympathies had shifted. Eight years (and many apology tours) later, “The Social Network” takes on a whole new meaning.



Heather Locklear‘s mandatory psychiatric hold has been extended for further evaluation, and the actress could be there for up to two weeks. Sources close to Locklear tell us she was placed on a psychiatric hold Wednesday that was originally only supposed to last for 3 days.

We’re told doctors realized Locklear needed additional treatment past the mandatory time frame and got an additional 2 weeks. Sources say Locklear will likely get out sooner than the 2 weeks, and the plan is for her to enter a facility for more long-term treatment.

There is, however, a bit of conflict — we’re told Heather wants to remain at home and not check into another facility — and the ultimate decision will be hers to make.

LBN Examiner Edited By: Cedric Houle

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November 25, 2018


*MOTHER NATURE- Al Gore Rips President Trump for Trying to ‘Bury’ Climate Change Report:

Former Vice President Al Gore slammed President Trump on Friday, claiming he was trying to “bury” a bombshell federal report that determined climate change could cost the U.S.hundreds of millions by 2100. Gore criticized the report’s release immediately after Thanksgiving rather than in December— as had been originally planned, according toNBC.

“Unbelievably deadly and tragic wildfires rage in the west, hurricanes batter our coasts— and the Trump administrationchooses the Friday after Thanksgiving to try and bury this critical U.S. assessment of the climate crisis,” Gore said in a statement posted on his website. “The President may try to hide the truth, but his own scientists and experts have made it as stark and clear as possible.”

“Mr. President, the majority of Americans are deeply concerned about the climate crisis and demand action,” Gore also said. Trump has been a staunch supporter of the coal industry—which was treated critically in the assessment—and has long drawn ire for voicing skepticism about established climate science.

“Brutal and Extended Cold Blast could shatter ALL RECORDS–Whatever happened to Global Warming?” the President Tweeted Wednesday.

*How the CIA Helped Prevent the Next 9/11—And Why You Can’t Bring Liquids Onto Planes:

Airline travel is a nightmare these days—especially over the holidays—thanks in no small part to the TSA’s exhaustive security measures. And, while most American travelers know why they’re forced to remove their shoes prior to boarding (f*ck you, Richard Reid), far fewer are aware of the reason they’re allowed only 3.4 ounces of liquid per passenger, and must thereby purchase extortionate six-dollar bottles of water. It’s all due to a complex terrorist mission known as the 2006 Transatlantic Liquid Bomb Plot.

The new docuseries Terrorism Close Calls, now streaming onNetflix, chronicles some of the biggest attempted terrorist attacks that were foiled just under the wire. Its fifth episode is dedicated to the Transatlantic Liquid Bomb Plot, wherein two dozen terrorists planned to smuggle plastic bottles filled with liquid explosives (and other devices) onto seven commercial airliners departing from London’s Heathrow Airport and traveling to North America, assemble the bombs onboard, and detonate them over the Atlantic Ocean.

*Hugh Hefner Dumped Casket of Sex Tapes into the Sea:

Hugh Hefner dumped a casket full of his private sex tapes into the sea before he passed away, insiders have revealed. ThePlayboy founder chucked his collection of sex tapes into thePacific Ocean because he feared that his most famous and secret conquests would be exposed, sources told The Sun.

It comes as the Playboy founder’s most personal belongings are being auctioned off later this month. But while his signature pipe, dressing gowns and other items are currently on show to the public before they go under the hammer, paranoid Hefner made sure his dirtiest secrets would never be found.

The veteran Hollywood lothario, who passed away in 2017 at the age of 91, gathered up his entire hidden collection of tapes, X-rated photos and even intimate notes from superstars.

*STRAIGHTEN UP – Leaning Tower of Pisa Is Losing Its Lean:

Italy’s famous Leaning Tower of Pisa is not leaning so much anymore. The tower has self-corrected 4 centimeters, or 1.575 inches, over the last 20 years. Amid fears the ancient bell tower would fall flat in the mid-1990s, an international team of experts installed a system consisting of 750 metric tons of lead weights that not only helped save it from collapsing onto the grass below, but also immediately corrected 2 inches of its famous lean, which made it stable enough to allow visitors inside by 2008 after it had been closed for centuries.

The weights apparently have continued to stabilize the structure. The tower started leaning almost immediately after construction began in 1173, when the soft ground below the structure started to settle. The architects in charge of the project started correcting the lean by building the columns slightly taller on the north section about a third of the way up the 186-foot tower, which created a slight curve. The same trick was used on the eighth floor. Prior to the intervention, the tower moved at a rate of about 1.2 millimeters, or .05 inches, each year.


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Holiday shoppers are expected to spend generously this year, with the National Retail Federation estimating the average consumer’s outlay at $1,007 for everything from gifts to food to holiday attire — a 4.1 percent increase from last year. Another analysis, from NerdWallet, anticipates an 18 percent jump on gift spending alone, to an average total $776.

But that doesn’t give the true picture of the cost: 28 percent of shoppers are entering this holiday season still paying off debt from last year’s festivities, according to NerdWallet.


A $1 bill lasts 18 months; $5 bill, two years; $10 bill, three years; $20 bill, four years; and $50 and $100 bills, nine years. Coins can usually survive in circulation for about 30 years.


Ron Shaich has stepped down as the C.E.O. of Panera to focus on a pet cause: warning the world about the danger of fixating on short-term profits at the cost of social stability.


Steven Pinker, a cognitive psychologist at Harvard University, along with 12 members of the White House staff, 3Nobel Prize winners, over 100 Academy Award winners, 6U.S. Senators, and over 300 Grammy Award winners.


I watched Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece “Paths of Glory” last weekend, prompted by all the World War I centenary tributes. Set in the trenches near the end of the war, it’s a movie about a man who tries to maintain his integrity and his faith in humanity amid the stupidity, futility, cruelty and cynicism of war. It’s weirdly relevant today.

Kirk Douglas plays a French colonel named Dax who lives in the trenches and leads his men in battle. Far away in the palaces, pampered French generals order his exhausted men to take a nearly impregnable German position. One general hopes the assault will help him score political points. Another is promised a promotion. Something like 4,000 men are expected to die or be wounded for these objectives.

When the assault catastrophically fails, the generals look for scapegoats and decide to execute three enlisted men, more or less chosen at random, for alleged cowardice.

Colonel Dax is finally overcome with disgust and explodes at one of the generals: “You’re a degenerate, sadistic old man. You can go to hell!”

*EXAMINER–COMMENTARY by Thomas L. Friedman:

I’ve been in Tokyo and Hong Kong this week, and if I were to distill what echoed in all my conversations, it would sound something like this:

From Chinese business and government types, some real anxiety — “Can you please tell me what is President Trump’s bottom line in this trade war? Is this about rebalancing trade or containing China’s rise?” — combined with some real bravado — “You realize that you Americans are too late? We’re too big to be pushed around anymore. You should have done this a decade ago.”

From the Japanese it was gratitude — “Thank God for Donald Trump. Finally we have a U.S. president who understands what a threat China is!” — combined with real anxiety — “Please, please be careful. Don’t go too far with Beijing and break the global trading system.”

And from a smart European consultant it was bewilderment — “Boy did the Chinese have a failure of intelligence. They had no clue just how much both Democrats and Republicans, and Europeans, all want to see Trump hammer China in these trade talks. But please, please don’t start a cold war with China that will force us to choose sides.”

In sum, I worry that America has become so focused on who the Chinese are and what they’re trying to become that we’ve lost sight of who we are and how we got here. That’s the biggest threat to our economy and our future.


LBN Examiner Edited By: Cedric Houle

LBN Examiner Disclaimer: 1.) The LBN Examiner accepts no liability for the content of this email, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided. The LBN Examiner is not associated with any commercial or political organization and is transmitted via the web for the sole benefit of its subscribers. 2.) Unfortunately, computer viruses can be transmitted via email. The recipient should check this mail and any attachments for the presence of viruses.

November 21, 2018

November 21, 2018

*Number of Witches in U.S. on the Rise, May Surpass 1.5 Million:

A report in the Christian Post contends that the number ofwitches (and Wiccans) has dramatically increased since the 1990s, to the degree that there may be at least 1.5 million witches in the United States, which is higher than the 1.4 million mainline Presbyterians.

“[T]he practice of witchcraft has grown significantly in recent decades; those who identify as witches has risen concurrently with the rise of the ‘witch aesthetic,'” reported the Christian Post in October, citing data from Quartz, aTrinity College study, and the Pew Research Center.

Between 1990 and 2008, the number of Wiccans in the United States grew from 8,000 to 340,000, according to three religious surveys conducted by Trinity College inConnecticut. In addition, the Pew Research Center reported in 2014 that 0.4% of the population — 1 to 1.5 million Americans — “identify as Wicca or Pagan.”

*Man Sues British Airways for Sitting Him Next to ‘Extremely Large’ Passenger:

A man is suing British Airways after he says he suffered back injuries from being forced to sit next to an overweight passenger on a flight two years ago. Stephen Prosser has told a U.K. court that he was left with a pelvic injury and back spasms after being seated next to the “extremely large” passenger on a 12-hour flight from Bangkok to London in 2016, according to the Independent.

He is reportedly seeking up to £10,000 (nearly $13,000) for being “forced into a position of unnatural posture” for the duration of the flight. “I was immediately aware that this was going to be problematic for me and I could feel the weight of his pure bulk putting lateral pressure on my upper body,” Prosser said.

He said he didn’t confront the passenger directly because he seemed “self conscious,” and that flight crew had told him no other seats were available when he complained. The airline said in a statement to USA Today on Saturday that it is “resisting the claim” made in Prosser’s lawsuit but could not comment further.

*CENSORSHIP – Chinese Writer Gets 10 Years in Prison For ‘Gay Sex Novel’:

A Chinese writer has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for writing and selling a novel featuring gay sex scenes. The writer, only identified in Chinese media as Liu, was jailed in Anhuiprovince last month for her novel Occupation which authorities said contained “male homosexual behavior… including perverted sexual acts like violation and abuse.”

Pornography is illegal in China. Liu is reported to have sold over 7,000 copies of her books and made 150,000 yuan ($21,604) in profit. Police were reportedly alerted to her novel after it started to gain popularity online. Some have protested the lengthy sentence, with one Weibo user reportedly writing: “Ten years for a novel? That’s too much.”


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Victoria’s Secret is still the leading U.S. lingerie brand, but its share of the market is falling rapidly. Sales are sagging and the company’s stock is down 41 percent this year. In a September 2017 consumer study conducted by Wells Fargo, 68 percent of respondents said they liked Victoria’s Secret less than they used to and 60 percent said they think the brand feels “forced” or “fake.”


How to Fall Asleep in 2 Minutes According to the US Navy —


The Rolling Stones are bringing their No Filter tour to U.S. stadiums in 2019. The 13-show tour will kick off April 20th at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida and wrap up June 21st at Soldier Field in Chicago. Tickets go on sale November 30th at 10:00 a.m. “It’s a thrill when we play stadiums in the States,” Mick Jagger said in a statement, “the energy is always amazing!” Adds Keith Richards: “I’ve always loved playing the states. It’s a great crowd.”


Dr. Srini Pillay, Best-Selling Author & Neuroscientist, Challenges Ideas on Creativity
Dr. Srini Pillay, a best-selling author, neuroscientist, tech entrepreneur and an assistant professor at Harvard University, has spent a large chunk of his career subverting ideas on creativity. He believes that the key to unlocking your creative potential is to defy the advice that urges you to “believe in yourself.” Instead, people should do the exact opposite. They should believe they are someone else.

“The great irony about the public’s obsession with creativity is that people tend to frame it in uncreative ways,” states Dr. Pillay, “people either believe they are creatively-minded or not, without any middle-ground in between.” He urges that people look to a 2016 study that demonstrates the impact of stereotypes on one’s behavior.

The authors of the study, educational psychologists Denis Dumas and Kevin Dunbar, divided their subjects into three groups, instructing the members of one to think of themselves as “eccentric poets” and the members of another to imagine they were “rigid librarians” (the third group was the control). The researchers then presented all the participants with ten objects, and asked them to come up with as many uses as possible for each one. Those who were asked to imagine themselves as eccentric poets came up with the most ideas, while those in the rigid-librarian group had the fewest.

These results suggest that creativity is not an individual trait but a “malleable product of context and perspective.” Everyone can be creative, as long as he or she feels like a creative person. Dr. Pillay’s work takes this one step further: He argues that simply identifying yourself as creative is less powerful than taking the bold, creative step of imagining you are somebody else. “Imagining yourself in a new situation, or an entirely new identity,” concludes Dr. Pillay, “never felt so productive.”


M. Zuhdi Jasser, Founder and President of American Islamic Forum for Democracy, Urges U.S. to Give Shelter to Asia Bibi
More and more voices are pressuring the United Statesgovernment to offer refuge to Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi, who has been imprisoned for nine years because of “blaspheming” Mohammed, now that she was recently acquitted and released from death row. Although her whereabouts since her release from prison last Wednesday are not known by other countries, the Pakistani foreign ministryon Sunday denied reports that she had left the country, calling them “false and baseless.”

Asia Bibi has many supporters in the United States, with more than 820,000 people signing an American Center for Law and Justice petition against her execution.

“The Trump administration has an opportunity to not only do what’s right and humane for Asia Bibi but change the immigration narrative,” said Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, president of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, which was founded in 2003. He is also a contributor to national and international media, where he has advocated separation of mosque and state and spoken against the ideology of “political Islam” or Islamism.

He points to an article on the U.S. website of Britain’s The Spectator, in which writer Ben Sixsmith pointed out theBritish government’s reluctance to help. “If the British government is too weak to offer Bibi a safe haven, America should, Jasser concludes, “It would be a valuable demonstration that, for all President Donald Trump’s toughness on immigration, America can still be a sanctuary to those fleeing religious persecution.”


NPR’s Terry Gross along with along with 12 members of theWhite House staff, 3 Nobel Prize winners, over 100 Academy Award winners, 6 U.S. Senators, and over 300 Grammy Award winners.

(Best-selling author):

This issue of lack of discipline in America’s schools is not going to be solved until every man and woman in this country realizes that the problem doesn’t rest with administrators, teachers, or school boards, but with parents.

The discipline problems in America’s schools come primarily from America’s homes. They are a matter of parents who send children to school without the discipline it takes to dig in and get an education; parents who overindulge and undercorrect; parents who neither indulge nor correct; parents who will not give total, 100 percent support to teachers’ disciplinary efforts; parents who expect schools to do what they themselves have been too busy or too lazy to do – namely, teach their children the three R’s of respect, responsibility, and resourcefulness.


After a screening of “Vice” Thursday, I asked director Adam McKay which of our two right-wing Dementors was worse,Cheney or Trump.

“Here’s the question,” he said. “Would you rather have a professional assassin after you or a frothing maniac with a meat cleaver? I’d rather have a maniac with a meat cleaver after me, so I think Cheney is way worse. And also, if you look at the body count, more than 600,000 people died in Iraq. It’s not even close, right?”



Amanda Knox announced Friday that she was engaged to boyfriend Christopher Robinson after a space-themed proposal that was out of this world. Knox, 31, uploaded a snippet of the proposal on her Instagram page Friday. She also uploaded the whole video of the proposal on YouTube. “It was just your average Sunday night, when suddenly…,” she captioned the post on her Instagram. The video showed Robinson, a Seattle-based poet, talking to Knox before a crashing sound was heard. The couple walks to the backyard where a flashy meteorite was sitting accompanied by the theme music from “ET: The Extra-Terrestrial.” Inside the meteorite was a tablet detailing her relationship with Robinson.

LBN Examiner Edited By:  Cedric Houle

LBN Examiner Disclaimer: 1.) The LBN Examiner accepts no liability for the content of this email, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided. The LBN Examiner is not associated with any commercial or political organization and is transmitted via the web for the sole benefit of its subscribers. 2.) Unfortunately, computer viruses can be transmitted via email. The recipient should check this mail and any attachments for the presence of viruses.